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Dab Nation Holiday Gift Guide

The holiday season is upon us and what better way to show your appreciation for those valuable stoners in your life than with some dank dab gear. We’ve curated a selection of products under $100 that are perfect for the cannabis concentrate enthusiast in your life. Take a look to pick out the perfect present for your nearest and dearest.

Top gifts that everyone on the team wants... 

PAX 3 Complete Kit

Widely considered one of the most mainstream vaporizers out there, the Pax helped pave the way to change vapes from an underground thing to widespread knowledge and acceptance. You don't accomplish something like that while offering an underwhelming product, now on their 3rd iteration the Pax 3 portable vaporizer shows they haven't lost a step.

Puffco Peak - First Ever Smart Dab Rig

This device unlocks the true power of concentrates, providing the clearest expression of the potency, flavor, and effects of the plant they're derived from. This means you get the most efficient and enjoyable experience, faster and easier than ever before, with no learning curve.

puffco peak for christmas

Amazing Gifts Under $100

iDab Mini Bottle Dab Nation Edition Rig - $99.00

Carefully handcrafted in the Dab Nation colors and logo and made from durable, high quality borosilicate glass, this exclusive Dab Nation/iDab collaboration dab rig is the perfect option for the dabbing connoisseur in your life. Standing at just four inches in height, this rig is both portable and durable thanks to the thick glass.

Blazer® Big Shot Butane Torch - $65.00

One of the best torches around, the Blazer Big Shot is a refillable butane torch that’s perfect for dabbing. With an attachable table top base, precision brass nozzle, and flame control to boot, the Blazer Big Shot has everything for the dabbing connoisseur.


Dank Fung THE DOOBLE Cartridge Vaporizer - $69.99

The DOOBLE's Patents Pending innovation will enable the connoisseurs to benefit from a newly gained "mixing and matching" capability. Finally with The DOOBLE; you can imagine any creative pairing that you can come up with (for example: Indica/Sativa, THC/CBD, etc.) by coming up with strain combinations that don't naturally exist in flower strain form. 

Dab Products Under $50

NoGoo Silicone Bubbler - $39.99

A full rig for less than $50 you ask? We’ve got you covered with this awesome NoGoo silicone rig. Made from platinum cured medical grade silicone, this dry herb rig is virtually indestructible. Whether as a gift for the active outdoor smoker who needs a portable rig, or just for those clumsy friends who want a safer alternative to glass, this silicone water pipe is heat resistant up to 450 degrees F, easily cleaned and great for travel.

Empire Glassworks Q-Tip Holder - $50.00

When it comes to cleaning your dab rig it’s great to have Q-tips on hand, and this Empire Glassworks Q-Tip holder is a beautiful addition to any dabbers clean up kit. Best of all, it’s impressively sculptured to look like dripping honey.

The Dabbing Specialists Flat Top Quartz Banger - $47.85

The flat top quartz banger design combined with drop-in insert cups is a relatively new addition to the dab scene. The biggest feature advantage of these is that the drop-in cup insert helps keep your banger looking like new and assists in making cleanup easy. Plus, it makes for a nice upgrade over a standard banger.

Empire Glassworks Dish & Dabber RPG - $40.00

For the novelty fans out there, this Empire Glassworks dish and dab tool combo is perfect. Have your concentrate ready in the dish and then use the RPG sculptured dab tool to place concentrate on your dab rig. Definitely a good option for those military fans out there.


Stocking Stuffers of Utter Importance Under $25

Skilletools Gold Digger - $24.99

While our last dab tool was fun, the Skilletools Gold Digger is seriously professional. Made from premium stainless steel, the Gold Digger is a sturdy concentrate oil tool that will not tarnish over time. With both a shovel scoop and pointed end, it’s great for all types of concentrate. Sleek, easy to use, and portable, you’ll never need another dab tool again.

iDab Worked Universal Dabber/Carb Cap - $19.99

With funky, colorful designs, this two-in-one carb cap/dab tool combo makes for a memorable gift. It can be used with any banger or nail and allows you to move concentrate with one end and then turns around so you can begin carb-capping, all with same hand.

LexCoCase A-Series Wooden Cases - $20.00

For those on the go joint lovers out there, look no further than LexCase Wooden joint cases. They have a unique flexible, crush proof design that safely holds pre-rolled joints, and they’re hand crafted from burled black walnut and designed to fit comfortably in your pocket.

DividerPro Designer Mini Slabtainer Case - $16.00

It may be small but the DividerPro Mini Slabtainer holds a lot. The 2” x 3” medical grade silicone containers are designed to transport full slabs of concentrate so you don’t need to break it up to fit in smaller containers.

Space Case Two-Piece Titanium Grinder - $21.99

The Space Case two-piece grinder is the ultimate grinding machine. Milled from polished, aerospace grade titanium, the diamond shaped teeth will never dull, and it will grind your product down to the finest powder you could ever need. A great and durable gift for the cannabis flower lovers in your life.

Essentials Under $10

Glob Mops XL 2.0 Cotton Mops - $6.00

All dabbers need cleaning accessories and these Glob Mops are vital to the overall quality and long term use of your quartz rigs and bangers. Keep your equipment looking brand new with the leaders in cotton swab technology.

Terp Wipes - $4.99

Another cleaning option are Terp Wipes. They’re more absorbent and will not shred like pharmacy brand wipes can. The alcohol is food safe and non-toxic and soaked into super thick cotton pads for easy and safe cleaning. All dabbers need cleaning accessories like this so you can be sure they’ll be appreciated as a small gift or stocking stuffer.

Sand Tech by Mood Mats - $5.00

Make a friend’s rig standout from the crowd with a stylish mood mat. What better gift for the dabber in your life that needs a decorative centerpiece? The closed-cell neoprene naturally repels moisture, is self-extinguishing, and heat resistant up to 400 degrees F.

So, there you have it, the 2018 Dab Nation holiday gift guide. You can be sure any of these gift ideas will be appreciated by the dabbers in your friends’ and family circle. From us at SHO Products, have a great holiday season!

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