iDab Glass

idab glass works local in so cal with amazing top quality glass

Founded in 2012 in Orange County, California, iDab Glass continues to lead the way when it comes to innovation and flawless production of the industry’s most sought-after designs for the ideal consumption of concentrate products.

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Featuring a balanced variety of both heady and scientific functional glass rigs, drop downs, dabbers, carb caps, pipes, bowls and slides, accessories, apparel and more. iDab Glass is always made in the USA - in SoCal - using only the highest quality German Schott Glass in every piece. This highly refined, highly durable, and easy to clean glass has been in use since the late 1800’s when only the very best will do.

Our crew is small but experienced, and you won’t find anyone who works harder to bring you the highest quality at affordable prices. You’ve seen us at events from Los Angeles to Miami stateside, from Colombia to Spain globally, guiding enthusiasts in an educated transition from only smoking herbs, to safely and effectively dabbing oils and waxes. 

That is the mission at iDab Glass.

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