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Cartridge Vaporizers

510 Thread Vape Cartridge Batteries

Cartridge vaporizers are becoming increasingly favorable for a variety of factors. First, because of their potency. Here at Dab Nation, we have vaporizer batteries for the most popular types of cartridges, 510 thread, the most commonly used among high potency vape cartridges.

Dab Nation Tip: Dab Nation has domestically sourced CBD cartridges available

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Another increase in popularity is due to their discreetness factor, they hardly smell and are simple pull out of the pocket from taking a hit. Simply unscrew the top of any of these vapes, screw in your cartridge and inhale.

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EVRI Battery + 510/Pod Attachment (Black)

EVRI Battery + 510/Pod Attachment (Black)

$ 59.99
HUNI BADGER 510/EGO ADAPTER AND MOUTHPIECE, Vaporizer Accessories by Hunibadger available on Dab Nation Sold out


$ 10.00
Dank Fung THE DOOBLE Cartridge Vaporizer, Vaporizers by Dank Fung Extracts available on Dab Nation Sold out

Dank Fung THE DOOBLE Cartridge Vaporizer

$ 69.99
Dank Fung EXECUTIVE VaporizerRose Gold Dank Fung EXECUTIVE VaporizerWhite Gold Dank Fung EXECUTIVE VaporizerBlack Sold out

Dank Fung EXECUTIVE Vaporizer

$ 139.99