Dab Nation Origins


Dab Nation started as a group of passionate concentrate connoisseurs getting together to sesh and compare their experience on different concentrate tools and accessories they had been using.  As time evolved the group traveled around and they began to curate a select collection of the finest tools and accessories related to dabbing from around the world. As they continued to travel and meet new people they continued to gain more knowledge and shared what they had learned with their new friends. This creating a true international Dab Nation culture.

Today Dab Nation has come to still represent that collection of curated concentrate tools and accessories from around the world but has come to further exemplify a unique culture and way of life.  

Dab Nation has created special relationships with many suppliers of the tools and accessories recommended as part of the Dab Nation collection.  In line with the origin and culture of Dab Nation we pass the benefits of these relationships on to all Dab Nation Citizens.  

From humble beginnings Dab Nation continues to curate the finest selection of concentrate products the world has to offer. Together we provide insight and reviews on the best concentrate tools and accessories available. We believe everyone has the right to a safe enjoyable seshing experience and a dependable supplier of preferred concentrate products. The collective effort of many concentrate connoisseurs from around the world allows us to provide a wide range of the finest curated selection of products related to concentrates.

Our goal is provide the highest level of customer service while only supplying products that have been chosen by the Dab Nation Community and continuing to strengthen our culture.

If you have any questions about specific products and want to speak to a knowledgeable member, please fill out the form below, or give us a call at 833-team-SHO.