Dab Pens & Wax Vaporizers

Enjoy Pure Plumes of Wax with a Dab Pen or Concentrate Vaporizer

Our vast array of wax vaporizers and dab wax pens deliver potent plumes with the smoothness that’s made vaping so popular. Vaping has been acclaimed as an efficient way of savoring your favorite waxes, shatters and oils. Show more

If you don’t have time for the rig or you’re out and about, a quality dab wax pen will get you where you want to be. On the other hand, a dab vaporizer gives you the potency of concentrates with the benefits of vaping right in the comforts of your home. No matter which best suits your situation, you can count on us to provide you with some of the best concentrate pens and vaporizers on the market.

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    Dank Fung EXECUTIVE VaporizerRose Gold Dank Fung EXECUTIVE VaporizerWhite Gold Dank Fung EXECUTIVE VaporizerBlack Save 22%
    Rose Gold
    White Gold

    Dank Fung EXECUTIVE Vaporizer

    $ 179.99
    $ 139.99
    Dank Fung THE DOOBLE Cartridge Vaporizer, Vaporizers by Dank Fung Extracts available on Dab Nation

    Dank Fung THE DOOBLE Cartridge Vaporizer

    $ 69.99
    XVape Vista MiniSilver XVape Vista MiniBlack

    XVape Vista Mini

    $ 120.00
    Dank Fung CONNOISSEUR Vaporizer Pen, Vaporizers by Dank Fung Extracts available on Dab Nation
    Dank Fung DELUXE VaporizerBlack Dank Fung DELUXE VaporizerWhite Save 25%

    Dank Fung DELUXE Vaporizer

    $ 199.99
    $ 149.99
    XVape Vixen Wax Pen Lipstick-Shaped Portable Vaporizer
    Dank Fung EXPRESS VaporizerBlack Dank Fung EXPRESS VaporizerWhite

    Dank Fung EXPRESS Vaporizer

    $ 79.99
    Xvape V One PlusSilver Xvape V One PlusBlack

    Xvape V One Plus

    $ 49.00
    Xvape Cricket 2.0

    Xvape Cricket 2.0

    $ 42.00