Which Spinner Cap Model is the Best Fit For You?

The quest for airflow mastery is easier these days than it’s ever been. There was actually a time in the early years of modern dabbing in which the carb cap was considered optional. Don’t think about all that wax wasted to the ether… it’s just too depressing. Fortunately, people learned quickly and the carb cap became an essential component in the modern dabbing ritual. Today, the primitive carb caps of those formative years have largely been replaced by different designs aimed at bringing you supreme control of airflow. From ballooning bubble caps to marble caps designed for use with terp slurper bangers, we’re really spoiled by the options flooding the market from artisan glassblowers. And while everyone has their favorite, few carb cap designs are as celebrated as the spinner cap. Let’s take a look at some of the spinner carb cap designs we offer at Dab Nation and the benefits afforded by their structural differences. 

Design #1: The Bubble Spinner Cap (a.k.a. The Single Directional Spinner)

Some people just can’t let go of the bubble cap… and we get it. We’ve got much love for the bub. That being said, the bubble spinner carb cap makes you put in work for that wax, rendering it an ideal option for those of us who prefer a more hands-on interactive sesh experience. That’s because the single directional aspect of this cap means you have to take a little time to fiddle around with it in search of that sweet spot… you’ll recognize it when that terp pearl starts spinning. We’ve found pinning a bubble spinner cap to your banger’s wall at just the right angle seems to be the best technique for creating the vortex you’ll need. But the bubble variety of spinner carb cap offers more than an engaging dab ritual. Bubble spinners are easily the most affordable of the spinner caps we offer because they employ a minimal design. This becomes even more impressive when you look at some of the Unity caps we have in stock that utilize premium colors at a price that makes learning your way around a singular directional carb cap totally worth it. 

Design #2: The Dual Airflow Spinner Cap

You may not instantly recognize a Dual Airflow Spinner Cap because they can vary radically in design. However, whether you’re looking at a flat or rounded model, you can typically identify a spinner carb cap as a dual airflow design simply by recognizing the two holes at its base. Everything else is simply an aesthetic choice. The primary benefit of this spinner cap design is its ease of use. Unlike the bubble spinner that requires you to hunt for that sweet spot a bit, the spinner cap requires no finesse. Simply cap it over your banger any old way and your draw will set the terp pearls spinning, leaving you to focus on more important things… like those tasty terps. 

Design #3: The Solid Millie Cane Spinner Cap

Easily the most rugged of the spinner caps that we have to offer, the Solid Millie Cane Spinner Cap is centered around a solid cane of glass stock at its axis. This cane is perforated with air holes of varying numbers and decorated with intricate, nuanced glass millie designs. The millie is purely aesthetic but the air holes are vital to this spinner cap design’s stunning performance. Your draw pulls air through the channels in the otherwise solid piece of glass caning (instead of the airy chamber of other spinner camp models) creating an increased velocity that whips terp pearls around in a frenzy. Like the dual airflow spinners, the solid millie cane models offer an easy “set-it-and-forget-it” functionality which means you don’t need to mess around to get those pearls moving. And since it’s built around thick glass caning, it’s a carb cap with some meat to it. You’ll find perfect examples of this style from such artists as Greg Wilson, Whitney Harmon, Simpal and Ery. 

Design #4: The Channel Spinner Cap

Yeah, we know what it looks like, but the Channel Spinner Cap is one of our favorite carb cap designs for purely wholesome reasons… we swear! The Channel Spinner creates a tighter seal than most of the other spinner caps we’ve seen thanks to its… errrm… distinctive shape. You can refer to the groove cut into the side of the carb cap as an indicator of its airflow direction. The pull forced between the channels of this spinner significantly adds to the velocity, launching any terp pearls into a cyclonic wax wipeout that leaves nothing behind. Check out some of these options from Bakers Backwoods if you want to get twisted with your banger… now that you’ve seen one, this sentence doesn’t seem right, but trust us, these are some solid carb caps. 

No matter which specific spinner cap design you choose, you can count on improved airflow control and with it improved efficiency and pulls bursting with terpy flavor. There’s no longer any reason for us to rough it like we did in the early days of dabbing. If you’re in the neighborhood, swing by your local Dab Nation shop near downtown Los Angeles or the Denver arts district to take one of these carb caps for a spin! 

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