These 5 Stoner Games Will Add Some Spark to Your Sesh

Improving a sesh can be a tall order. Sure, we do it at Dab Nation everyday, but typically through helping you build up your rig setup or making your ritual more convenient. Yet, even your highlight of the day can start to feel routine if you’re always going through the same motions with the same people. Dabbing is a lot like a relationship in that way; sometimes you need to go that extra mile to keep things spicy. No, we’re not suggesting dinner and a movie with your dab rig (although we know you guys are at the pro level of Netflix and chill). Rather, you can deepen your connection with your smoke circle by adding in one of these card-based stoner games from Player Ten.

Find Out Whether Your Friends Are Bad People

If the characters from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Seinfeld and You’re the Worst were accurately represented by a game… it would be Chardee Macdennis. But since that one comes with some serious liability (and is more of a drinking game than a stoner game), we’re going to talk about Bad People instead. A round of Bad People is not for the thin-skinned. The basic premise involves pulling cards that state a less-than-stellar attribute and then voting as a group to determine which one of your friends it best fits. Be glad there’s no board because you know someone would be flipping it. And they’d probably be flipping it because you and the rest of your friends voted them the “Most likely to flip a board game in a fit of rage.” It’s just that kind of game. So, if you’re the type of person that likes to make your friends cry, Bad People has your name written all over it. And, as a bonus, you’ll probably be able to narrow down who’s been stealing from your medicine cabinet. 

Cast Your Ballot with The Voting Game

If you like the premise of Bad People but would prefer it with retracted claws, The Voting Game will be more your speed. The Voting Game questions are less mean-spirited than those of Bad People but still have plenty of bite to them… especially if you throw in the NSFW expansion (and, honestly, who wouldn’t?) Each card presents a statement such as “Who would be the most likely to throw a birthday party for their pet?” or “Who would be the most likely to drink the dregs of a glass found at the bar?” Then, everyone votes on the answer. It’s the ideal stoner game for reinforcing personalities within a solid friend group and bringing your smoke circle even closer together. 

What’s Your Number? Offers a Stoner Game with Ratings

What’s Your Number? is a stoner game that deviates from the Player Ten formula a bit by presenting polarizing topics that you then rate on a scale of 1 through 100 depending on how strongly you agree. For example, a card may offer you the topic “Returning your shopping cart.” Then, your friends will write down the number that corresponds with how strongly they feel about the topic. At the end of the round, the numbers are revealed and you’ll finally know who you can or can’t bring with you to Trader Joe’s for the munchie run. 

The Search History That Can Never Be Cleared

If you’re looking for a stoner game that requires a bit more brainwork from your friends, Search History easily scratches the itch; especially with the crowd that just can’t put their phones down. The game starts with a card being pulled from the deck. On the card, you’ll find a written prompt that must be read aloud to the group, such as “When was the last time my best friend…” or “Why does it hurt when I…” Then, your friends write down a conclusion to the statement that would be a believable query to plug into a search engine. From there, you must try to guess the most popular answer from the internet (which is mixed in with your friends’ answers), revealing a surprising amount of twisted psyches along the way. Just remember: this is a search history that can never be cleared from the minds of your closest comrades. 

Pick Your Poison

The final stoner game on our list, Pick Your Poison, isn’t quite as nasty as it sounds… well, actually that might depend on the company you keep. The premise involves a card that presents two scenarios and you must choose which you’d rather do (or, as is more often the case, which you’d hate doing the least.) The Pick Your Poison game also keeps things moving by serving up a seemingly inexhaustible supply of scenarios. We’ve all played a variation of this game at some point… it’s just that now someone’s keeping score.

So, the next time you’re waiting for your turn with the rig or water pipe, you could talk about… I don’t know, the Olympics? Or you could actually get to know your friends even better with one of these deep dive stoner games from Player Ten. It’s almost like we’re playing Pick Your Poison right now. Which would you rather do?

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