When Should You Use a Thermal Banger?


When should you use a thermal banger? Anytime you want. Thanks for reading our blog! No, but seriously, a thermal banger is largely seen as an improvement on the design of a standard quartz banger, but especially for anyone who enjoys cold start dabbing. This is all a result of its unique design which gives you more control, especially when paired with a carb cap. Requiring no more heating time than a classic quartz banger and far less cleaning, it’s no wonder thermal bangers are so prized among aficionados. So, whether you’re cold start dabbing or just seeking some high quality heat retention, these bangers will impress. Here’s how their unique design makes this possible.  

How Can You Recognize a Thermal Banger? 

While it’s largely considered a simple upgrade to the standard quartz banger, the thermal banger is instantly recognizable for its double-wall design that basically creates an interior cradle for concentrates within the bucket itself as opposed to the bucket serving as the cradle. This double-walled design has earned the thermal banger a common nickname of “jacketed banger”, though this pseudonym seems less popular these days. Connoisseurs who want to savor the flavor of their concentrates praise the thermal banger for its ability to maintain a steady temperature which comes particularly in handy for cold start dabbing. 

Adept Heat Retention

You can find a surprising amount of benefits in the dual-wall design of the thermal banger. This design is particularly useful for cold start dabbing enthusiasts who will find it easier to hold a consistent temperature in their preferred range. There are a few different factors at play that contribute to this improved heat retention. First, the thermal banger’s double wall design vastly increases the surface area of the banger. As you probably already know, more surface area equals better heat retention. But the smaller interior chamber where the concentrates are deposited also helps in heat retention when compared to the single-walled buckets of standard quartz bangers. This inner bucket also provides a shield from the direct air intake so your inhalation doesn’t cool the dab so rapidly. With airflow restricted into the space between the two walls, you’ve got multiple factors maintaining the temperature you want. 

No More Clogged Stems

As if the premium heat retention weren’t enough, the design of the thermal banger also helps to prevent residual wax infiltrating the stem of your banger. Other quartz bangers without the safeguard of the central chamber are prone to wax deposits building in the neck, resulting in difficult deep cleaning experiences that we don’t wish on anyone. You can find thermal bangers in a generous variety of neck angles since their design is so adept at keeping your concentrates right where you want them. Go ahead… angle pretty much any way you want. You’ll never have to worry about spillage down the neck. 

So, when should you use a thermal banger? We weren’t completely joking when we said “anytime” but it’s particularly a good time to make that switch if you’re getting into cold start techniques. It’s hard to view the thermal banger as anything but an improvement on the classic quartz banger model. Throw in a carb cap and you’ll find cold start dabbing has never been easier. 

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