Heady CARTA Glass Showcases the Creative Possibilities of E-Rigs

If you’ve been watching our Twitch streams with Adam iLL, you’re familiar with the phrase “CARTA hits harda.” But anyone acquainted with the world’s most portable e-rig can tell you that it’s about more than stunning performance. Style is a major factor of what’s made CARTA such an iconic force in portable dabbing and artists are helping to make it even more chic with unique, customizable options. From vinyl skins to custom carb caps, you’ll find all sorts of ways to add a personal touch to your electric dab rig. But perhaps the most popular (if not the most affordable) custom option for CARTA is a heady glass attachment. At Dab Nation, we have a large selection of artist-crafted glass tops, but today we’re going to specifically look at some of our favorite heady CARTA glass attachments. 

The Greek Chic of Charles Lowrie’s Fine Art Torsos

Fine art can be functional too and perhaps this is best illustrated in the Fine Art Torso CARTA Glass Attachments from Charles Lowrie Glass. Taking inspiration from classic Renaissance and ancient Greek sculptures, these glass tops exemplify the raw beauty of the nude human body. You don’t need a degree in humanities to appreciate that! An iridescent effect reflects light in rainbow cascades that accentuate the contours of these majestic pieces. Each of these is unique, with two recalling the marble statues of old with frosted glass (available in both male and female forms) and a clear glass variation of the female form. 

Pi Goes Beneath the Surface with Custom CARTA Attachments

Frequent readers of this blog are no stranger to Pi the Glassblower. But in the event that these gorgeously detailed Pi CARTA glass tops escaped your attention, it’s time to remedy that right quick. Each of these glass attachments employs an intricate technique in which dichro is imprinted into the glass before it is shaped. Just to clarify, this dichro design isn’t simply on the veneer of the glass but in the glass itself. We’ve seen similar techniques executed by Mothership in their highly detailed fumed pieces but Pi the Glassblower definitely takes it in his own distinct direction. Each of these CARTA glass attachments also includes a carb cap, adding a visually mesmerizing cherry on top of this psychedelic sundae. 

CARTA Glass Over Easy

If you’re looking for a heady glass CARTA top with eggcellent… errr, excellent function, then look no further than the Miner Glass Fab Egg line of CARTA attachments. Influenced by the ornate Faberge egg treasures that only the most elite could hope to afford, Miner’s gorgeous CARTA glass with Fab Egg perc cores are thankfully far easier on the bank account. The Fab Egg percs are all crafted from richly colored glass and carefully nestled in the center of the clear glass CARTA top. And this is where these attachments truly shine: in the way they come together. Featuring scientific-grade seals and a design that both functionally and aesthetically connects without flaw, powerful performance naturally follows. Rounded out by the ample thickness of the glass, these vibrant fab eggs are a fitting crown for our favorite portable dab rig. 

With our stock changing over pretty rapidly, these heady glass CARTA attachments obviously won’t be around forever. The good news is that custom CARTA glass is always coming in too. And the best news of all is that, at the time of writing, we have these pieces in stock. See something you like? Reach out to us and make it yours!

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