Fact: You Can Extract an Insert Intact to Insert Another Insert Packed with Extracts Fast

Hello, I’m @john_rosin, avid researcher and Director of Product Development for SHO Products. I’ve been a passionate flower consumer most of my adult life, but when I finally graduated to dabs, I’ll have to admit, I was doing it all wrong. Then one day, all that changed for me. Through a series of educational and exploratory articles I’m hoping to bring that day of enlightenment to some of you today.

In my previous article “Insert Dab Here” I harped on the benefits of using a drop-in quartz insert (or boro insert, ceramic insert, AiN insert, etc.) to facilitate a cold start dab and how this method was far superior to the “hot dabs” of yesteryear, even providing benefits over more recent trends involving a temperature reading device. If you haven’t read that article yet, it’s worth a look to gain a better foundation of some of the principles I'll be covering in this article.

This article is for those already initiated with insert dabs. It’s meant to advance the convenience and efficiency you already enjoy with insert dabs with some common methods to remove a hot insert from a hot banger. If you already have a collection of quartz inserts please keep reading, this article is meant for you, and don't forget to contribute your own advice in the comments.

After I serve someone a dab in a quartz insert, they often ask me “So now how do you get that out of there?” to which I reply silently by turning towards a readily displayed nearby assortment of tools purposefully gathered for this specific reason. If you've ever struggled with safely removing a banger insert while dabbing, the following are several suggestions that should help you to impress at the next sesh.


The most basic and my least favorite due to high risks. You'll need a safe, heat resistant surface to pull this one off. Just SAFELY remove your banger by its neck, once it's cool enough to handle, and tip the dab insert over into a safe container. Careful not to burn yourself with this method. I actually created the Dab Nation Banger Saver with this function in mind. The raised platinum cured silicone pins maximize airflow and cooling while minimizing the contact with hot surfaces. Replace your banger and reheat and you're ready for the next drop in!


Let me first ask… How is your “Google Fu”? Don’t know what Google Fu is? Google it. This requires learning correct terminology (as well as search modifiers) and is an important skill to have when trying to find the right tools or parts especially in new or esoteric subjects.  Try searching for the above term “paddle tweezers” and then click images and see what comes up. Those are the tools I am referring to now. They've been around a long time, they don’t grip as well as the other options and they’re not as versatile, but you might already have some and at least now you know what they’re called and how to find them. Bottom line: they'll work.


A ubiquitous option, the market offers plenty of options for reverse tweezers. Typically, these are existing off-the-shelf tweeze-jobs but with silicone tips for added grip, coming in all types of colors, shapes, sizes and price points. Make sure you get ones that are sized right for your hand and the insert you’re using so they open and sit comfortably while maintaining a tight grip on your banger insert. They’re also straightforward to use and clean. While you’re at it, this is a good time to invest in a nice Dab Station to keep everything organized and at arms reach.


You’ve seen these right? They look like H.R. Giger designed a syringe and crossed it with a Fisher Space Pen. Usually small and shiny, they’ve been used in the jewelry and small parts assembly industries for decades. For dabbing, they are best utilized for inserts, pearls, and other very small components that require a fine degree of manipulation. Depress the plunger on the rear and 3 or more small, sharp hooks expand and protrude from the front, ready to grip onto just about anything that’ll fit. A little more difficult to clean if you get 'em dirty, though. (Just soak it in Isopropyl alcohol).


No, you won’t need to know how to use real chopsticks to pull this one off, but it wouldn’t hurt if you had some extra coordination and hand dexterity to spare. Grab two clean, straight Dab Swabs and line up the rounded ends. Hold them parallel to each other and grip them tightly between your thumb and forefinger. (photo) Place both ends into the insert making sure to go all the way down to the bottom. While maintaining a tight grip with your thumb and forefinger, wedge your middle finger in between the two shafts of the swabs. (photo) This will expand the tips and grip the sides of the insert allowing you to pick it up and place in a Banger Saver to cool. Practice with a cold clean insert until you get the hang of it. This is my favorite method, as once you build muscle memory and confidence it’s very quick and effective.


Here’s a neat party trick. Take one single dab swab and very carefully bend it into an arc so that the points are facing the same way. (photo) This can take some practice but the flexible paper shaft on dab swabs makes it possible. Try to keep the curve smooth and symmetrical. Now lightly squeeze the ends together and lower them into the insert. Release the compression and the swab will stay attached to the insert by friction. You can now use this convenient handle to remove the insert from the banger to safely cool.

Whatever method you use, and whether it's a quartz insert, borosilicate insert, ceramic insert or any other type of banger insert, I encourage you to continue to experiment and innovate the way you prepare and consume your dabs to further enhance your experience. And keep your eyes on this blog and our shop for the right tools and tips on how to evolve the way you dab!
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Sarah - November 29, 2021

good article thanks!

JoJo - November 17, 2021

I have reverse tweezers, but I’ll use a long wood stick most often. May I recommend the SiC insert. I have one for my dr dabber switch, but don’t get it from them, it’s too tall! Mr Bonsai sold me a perfect fitting SiC insert. Works beautifully!!

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