What Sets a Recycler Dab Rig Apart from Your Average Rig?

The recycler dab rig is among the most popular designs we offer at Dab Nation, prized for its ultra silky hits, visually detailed presentation, and the overall quality of the seshes so closely associated with the model. It’s one of the most popular rig designs, so you’ve likely seen the term “recycler rig” used frequently in smoke shops, but you may not know what precisely defines a recycler. Today, we’ll discuss the qualities that class a model as a recycler dab rig while exploring the benefits of this in-demand style. 

What Defines the Recycler Dab Rig?

The recycler rig is distinguished by dual chambers that pull vaporized liquid through a glass loop, in effect recycling it. When you take a hit from a recycler dab rig, both the smoke and the liquid navigate through the glass tubes together, passing through the reservoir (or water chamber) through a percolator before entering the second chamber. The smoke and liquid continue down a second pathway that recycles them through the reservoir a second time before returning upward and through the mouthpiece. As you can imagine, it’s difficult to match that kind of diffusion. 

Renowned for Silky, Flavorful Hits

Since the combination of smoke and liquid are constantly being pulled through the dual chambers, the end result that actually reaches your throat is cooler, silkier and bursting with pure, undiluted flavor. You don’t need to master any specific techniques to get reliable, consistent pulls that iron out any harshness. These hits are smoothed out even further thanks to the percolator that acts as the gateway between the reservoir and second chamber. The perc offers a major point of variation between recycler dab rig models since different percs achieve different methods of diffusion. Some recyclers even pack multiple percs into their design for ultra-clean hits. Through careful deliberation when shopping for your recycler rig, you can determine which perc (or percs) would best suit the level of diffusion that suits your personal style. 

Hidden Benefits of a Recycler Rig

While the primary appeal of the recycler dab rig design is the delivery of those satin hits, there are a few other benefits of using a recycler that may seem less obvious. Since the hits are automatically cooler, you can load in bigger globs of wax. Smoke is also kept fresh and flavorful since the recycler design allows less space for air to become trapped. If you’re a fan of hard hits, you’ll also love that the second chamber serves as a makeshift splash guard, preventing water from splashing out regardless of the intensity of your pull. 

The Difference Between Recyclers and Incyclers

You may have also heard of the incycler design which is a variation on the classic recycler dab rig model. Incyclers feature a more sleek, self-contained appearance by housing a chamber within a chamber with the glass pathways typically inside of the main body of the rig as opposed to external as in the traditional recycler rig models. Functionality is identical to what you’d expect from a standard recycler, but a standard recycler lends itself to a more complex aesthetic that can be easily adapted to heady pieces whereas an incycler is more streamlined and thus typically less flashy. 

If you’re looking to add a little luxury to your sesh, the velvety hits of a recycler dab rig are a strong step up. At Dab Nation, we have a wide array of recycler rigs from simple and straightforward to complex and heady and our inventory is always changing. Curious about how a recycler would work with your sesh style or what kind of perc you should look for to meet your ideal? Stop by one of our Dab Nation shops or send us an email and we’ll be happy to help you find the perfect piece. 

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