Dabbing on the Wild Side with Animal-Themed Heady Glass Dab Rigs

After one of our most recent shipments of glass, the interior of our Los Angeles location has started looking a bit like a glass jungle. That’s because, by some coincidence, a lot of the heady glass pieces that we received featured wild animal themes. We’ve seen a lot of wildlife-influenced pieces over the years, but to get this many at the same time was unusual. So, with something obviously in the air, we figured “Who are we to go against nature?” Here are some of the latest animal-themed heady glass dab rigs to hit the Dab Nation shelves. 

The Flowing Elegance of the Natural World

While a lot of glass artists choose names for their brands that have personal meaning to them and nonsensical meaning to us, Habitat Glass’s name actually tells you what they’re all about. With their rigs, they craft fluid nature scenes frozen in glass, capturing various environments in all their grace and untamed elegance. We’ve got two of Habitat Glass’s heady glass dab rigs on display at the Dab Nation shop in Los Angeles: a recycler rig featuring a gold fumed trout navigating the void and a deep violet hammerhead shark recycler that’s even more accurate in its lifelike representation. It’s rare to see the wonders of the aquatic world so beautifully rendered in glass with such a sense of motion. 

Cartoon Critters with Cal Smith Glass Dab Rigs

Cal Smith takes obvious inspiration from the animated world when crafting his cartoonish Cone Jammers. These mini dab rigs employ the jammer design to consistently serve up thick clouds, all while providing your choice of comically exaggerated visual. While Cal Smith has crafted a plenty of pieces with leering anthropomorphic animals, we carry the blue bear and duck cone jammer models here at Dab Nation. Crafted with a similarly exaggerated style, though bypassing the cone jammer design for a more obviously heady approach, the Cal Smith Standing Dragons also stalk the display cases of Dab Nation. While a dragon’s not technically an animal, we’ll say these are wild enough for inclusion here. 

The Ciggy Chomping Chimp Champ

Catalyst Glass are renowned for crafting heady glass dab rigs that make collectors go bananas, but none are more deserving of this accolade than their latest line of Smokin’ Chimp Rigs. Each of these rigs is crowned by a rather surly-looking chimpanzee with a burning ciggy chomped between its teeth. The perc at the center of the chamber is fashioned to look like a banana, matching the handle of the included carb cap. These are the kind of wax rigs that would make even the most composed of us go ape. Okay, we’ll see ourselves out. 

Looking for a Fire Rig? Ask a Dragon 

Since we allowed for that Cal Smith Dragon heady glass dab rig, we’ve got to let these Dragon Jammer sets from Arehart Glass out of their den. While Cal Smith definitely has a more obvious cartoon influence to his creatures, Arehart’s dragons are pretty much what you’d expect fire breathing flying reptiles to look like if they were in our reality. Intricate detail is put into each horn, each talon, and even each scale for a look so realistic, you’ll swear this thing’s breathing smoke. 

8 Arms and Old School Charms

Back to our known natural world, Glass Distractions seem to have found solid inspiration in one of the ocean’s most bizarre inhabitants, the highly intelligent octopus. You’ll wish you had 8 arms to hold their collection of octopus slides; intricate workings of vibrant glass with that unmistakable Glass Distractions craftsmanship. With these signature bowl pieces, the bulbous head of the octopus serves as a generous handle while the tentacles wrap around the bowl in serpentine detail. They’re the perfect complement to the Glass Distractions Octopus Bong; an aqueously alluring water pipe featuring a shadowy octopus scaling its neck. If you’re feeling the pull of the old school, it could just be that this handsy octopus has you in its grip! 

Heady Glass… uh… Finds a Way

Since we’ve already had dragons on this list not once but twice, we might as well close things out with a dinosaur. Hey, dinosaurs have to be closer to animals than dragons, right? Well, Amorphous Symphony have a glass dab rig that brings us back to the dino days and they didn’t even have to touch any DNA to do it. Their satin with crushed opal parasaurolophus rig features a dinosaur that’s name is hopefully my hardest struggle of the day (though 9-year-old me could probably tell you what parasaurolophus ate for breakfast and what area of pangaea it lived in.) Modern me can only remark, “It kind of looks like the xenomorph from Alien.” Yeah, go ahead, insert the “look at all you have done and all you have accomplished” meme. But thankfully you don’t have to be a paleontologist to love this heady glass dab rig from the brilliant Amorphous Symphony. 

We hope you enjoyed a tour of our glass menagerie… another drop like this and we’ll be able to open up the Dab Nation Heady Zoo! Feel like your own glass collection could be a bit more wild but don’t really know where to start? If you’re local to Los Angeles or Denver, we recommend swinging by the shop to see what animal-inspired pieces we have onhand so you can see them for yourself. Otherwise, Dab Nation’s staff are always available by phone, email or even through our Instagram. And when it comes to glass animals, the Dab Nation crew are pretty much zoologists!  

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