Our Spookiest Wax Rigs and Pipes are All Treats with No Tricks

It’s finally that time of year again… the days are getting shorter, the nights are getting longer, pumpkin is getting dumped into everything and an undying horror comes creeping from the darkest crypts of a hell dimension to haunt our every waking moment: candy corn. You laugh, but when the munchies hit hard at 3:00am and all you can find is a bag of candy corn, don’t say we didn’t warn you. The creepiest month of the year also offers an excuse to spookify your collection with a new wax rig that makes your concentrates run hot and your blood run cold. And Dab Nation has some haunting dab rigs in the mix to scratch that phantom itch.

Sculpted Supernatural Spookiness in Dab Rig Form

Halloween is a time for novelty: novelty candies, novelty make-up… novelty dab rigs? You bet. And sculpting is perhaps one of the most useful decorative techniques when novelty is the aim. It’s little wonder that so many of the sculpted heady wax rigs on our shelves steal the spotlight as we review our spookiest offerings. The sinister sci-fi skull face of the Hendy Glass Invader Dab Rig comes to mind immediately. Looking like it just waddled out of a 1960s b-movie about ray gun-toting extraterrestrials, this space invader wax rig is an otherworldly addition to any respectable glass collection. If you like less science and more fantasy in your Halloween revelry, the Areheart Glass Dragon Jammer Set is a menacingly majestic choice. This scaled, speckled dab pipe and matching carb cap and “fang” dab tool will bring the fire to any sesh. Cal Smith offers his own take on the dragon with his artfully sculpted Standing Dragon Dab Rigs; comically cartoonish representations that are no less impressive, currently available in shadowy black or slimy green. His Duck Cone Jammer even has a subtly sinister quality in its hunched and looming stance and uneven eyes that just scream “unhinged.” Sette Glass is an artist often fashioning the marvellously macabre from glass like this Ancient Battle Axe Dabber that looks like it would be wielded by a particularly nasty wax-gobbling goblin. If you’re looking for a creepy crawly hand pipe, the Eye Spoon Pipe from Horrified Glass is looking for you too! This glass pipe features an eye at its base making it likely the only piece in our shop that actually verges on body horror. 

Out-of-This-World Glass Creations from Catalyst

Now we’re moving into a more abstract region of the dabbing netherworld and there’s no one better to guide us than Catalyst Glass. Adopting a less obvious reference to Halloween creepiness, there’s still an unsettlingly transdimensional quality to certain Catalyst pieces, as if they were carved from the glowing cores of wayward meteorites that travelled through time, space, and alien frequencies to get to our shop. The Space Glass Spoon Pipe looks like it was crafted from some sort of acidic blob of cosmic jelly that solidified into an unevenly bubbling solid. Then there’s the witchy swirling vaporous design of the Space Egg with a veneer that looks like what you’d see gazing into the smoky cauldron of some deep woods hag promising divination. We can’t overlook the eldritch allure of the Catalyst Glass Space Chillums that look like spectral noxious clouds imprisoned in a glass chillum pipe body. Even their Horned Sherlock looks like some demonic dragonspawn from a particularly nasty alternate dimension. 

Wax Rigs With Abstract Autumn Vibes

Now we’re into a rogue’s gallery of abstractly spooky and seasonal dab rigs that are subtle enough to use at any time of year but have an unmistakable autumnal flair. Let’s take Cajun Glass’s Helio Sphere Wax Rig design, depicted here in an icy violet blue. The solar reference is ironic in that the design is reminiscent of a stake being driven through a vampire’s cold heart. Pair this one with some Garlic Juice and you won’t need to worry about any bloodsuckers ruining your nightlife. Cajun Glass takes an even more subtle approach with their Crushed Opal and Color Tube that recalls the old school black-and-orange Peanut Butter Kisses in its bands of pumpkin orange and sparkling crushed opal darkness. Another piece defined by its fall colors, the Flash Glass Wig Wag Wax Rig is fully saturated with rusty reds, sunset oranges and golden yellows like leaves changing shades. Bringing us back to the spectral eeriness of the season, the Joey B Mini Jammer looks like a hex trapped in a wax rig with wisps of airy green crossing into haunting purples and ghastly gray blues. Possibly the most subtle of any wax rig on this list, the Staklo Glass Black-and-Red Hanger Dab Rig seems to have the essence of cinnamon and clove in the deep red veneer that bookends its chamber. 

So, trade those wax vampire lips for a wax rig this October. We have everything from festive fall-colored dab pipes to horrific heady glass dab rigs ready to bring you years of concentrated treats with no tricks! Swing by one of our shops or browse our site to find the delightfully devilish dab pipe that speaks to your shadow side… you can even bring your Ouija board along to make communication crystal clear. And, remember, there’s no reason to be afraid of things that go slurp in the night. A dab rig never hurt anyone! 

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