What Portable Dab Rig or Device Are You Bringing Home for the Holidays?


So many of us didn’t make it home for the holidays last year that we can only expect, Omicron willing, a mass transit this holiday season as people return to visit their families to make up for lost holidays. And while it’s nice for most of us to catch up with our tribe, it doesn’t hurt to pack some reinforcements to keep us going through those winter nights. Yes, we’re talking about portable dab rigs, wax vaporizers, nectar collectors… whatever gets the job done when we can’t handle another discussion about the state of the country with Uncle Lou. Whether you’re visiting home for 2 weeks or 2 days, the right portable dabbing solution can be a lifesaver. But with so many options on the market, how do you choose? Here are a few of our favorite travel-friendly dab devices and why we think they deserve a place in your carry-on bag.   

Stache RIO: No Parts to Replace on This Mechanical Rig

When bringing a portable dab rig across the country with you, the least you can expect is for it to actually work. So, as you can imagine, flatlining batteries or a spent atomizer can quickly throw some cold, wet snow all over your holiday spirit. If you share this fear, you may want to invest in the RIO from Stache Products. It’s a mechanical dab rig meaning no atomizers to replace and no batteries to rely on. It does require the occasional butane top off since it uses a built-in torch, but that’s much easier to get than a specialized atomizer while visiting your family’s small town. The RIO also features a resin base that gives it some added ruggedness for any turbulence you might encounter. 

Focus V Atlantis CARTA: The Most Portable Dab Rig in Rare Form… Literally

If you want an experienced travel buddy, it’s rumored that the limited edition Focus V Atlantis CARTA has been to a location so secluded that most people believe it doesn’t really exist. But the latest offering in the long line of CARTA colorways, despite getting its inspiration from the depths of the ocean, offers a blue veneer that would look perfectly at home in any winter wonderland. Yet the real reason that the CARTA makes our list is its battery power. If you stocked up on 18350 batteries, you could feasibly make it through any blizzard-racked power outage without having to take a forced T-break. No electrical outlet required! Sure, this is the case with any of the CARTA models, but if you’re going to invest in the most portable dab rig this late in the game, you might as well at least get that rare, limited edition Atlantis model! 

Xvape Vista Mini 2: The Right Price For a Solid Last Minute Wax Vaporizer

You’re likely familiar with the Xvape brand, whose consistently low prices and diverse product line have kept them popular for years in the Dab Nation shops amongst others. You’d have no problem finding a decent wax vaporizer when sifting through their various products, but we’d recommend the Xvape Vista Mini 2. This upright portable dab vaporizer comes attached to a price tag so staggeringly low you’ll swear it's a mistake… especially after your first hit. But whether you believe it or not, the Vista Mini 2 delivers real quality that you can immediately feel. One of the best qualities of the Vista Mini 2 is its pressure-fit atomizer which can endure some serious abuse; ideal for the jolts and jostles of the open road. Traveling aside, we also love the futuristic retro look of this wax vaporizer. It looks like something straight out of the Jetsons! Rounded out by the innovative placement of the coil (outside of the vapor path), excellent battery life and a secure transparent carb cap, there’s a lot to love for such a small price tag. And since it’s so affordable, it makes a great last minute dabbing solution if you just need something for the trip! 

EVRI: Spice Up Your Holiday with Variety

It’s easy to assume travelling for the holidays means a compromise to your usual dabbing rituals. Even if you have a rugged and resilient T Case, it’s difficult to imagine you packing up your headiest piece for a couple weeks at home with the family. But heading home doesn’t need to mean sacrifice and no portable dabbing device makes this clearer than the EVRI from Dip Devices: an all-in-one dab straw, wax vaporizer and general vape that fits comfortably in your pocket. It’s like a Swiss Army dab piece! Who knows what mood will strike you after your 3rd back-to-back viewing of A Christmas Story with your parents? It doesn’t matter if you have the EVRI there to scratch whatever itch should arise. The EVRI uses secure magnetic attachments built around a central battery which also makes it a safe travel piece. Allegedly, even more attachments are in development for the EVRI but the starter kit sets you up with the connecting battery and the 510 threading, vape pod and vapor tip attachments which should satisfy even the most indecisive travelers.  

No matter which option you end up going with, we hope you return home with plenty of reinforcements to back you up if that holiday cheer runs out. Seeing family again, even after a couple of years of distance, can be a stressful situation so it’s always a good idea to have a convenient, peaceful way to blow off steam… or vapor… or smoke, depending on how hot you like your holidays.

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KromeDome - December 27, 2021

Portable deceive is a better option to use in holidays. Because you can easily carry it one to another place. You give nice sugustions about using a portable Dap. Thanks for sharing!!

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