Cvault Adds Some Extra Life to that Holiday Stash


More than a few of us are dreaming of a green Christmas (okay, maybe an amber Christmas if you have a rosin press). The holidays can be a bountiful time when friends share some of their fall harvests or maybe a few offerings from their latest agricultural experiments. Or maybe grandma just passes you some monetary holiday cheer that you cash in at your local dispensary. Whatever the case, the holidays are a magical time when some of us suddenly find our stashes growing a bit fatter. Note: If any of you know a big man dropping off fat sacks of Mother Nature’s Finest this season, we’d be more than happy to share some milk and cookies in return. But what do you do if you end up with an excess of herbal refreshment? Sure, one answer would be to get a bigger bowl. But the forward thinkers may be wondering the best way to extend their bountiful stash’s lifespan. And with that, we have only one word for you: Cvault. 

The 4 Enemies of Herbal Freshness

Cvault market their rugged storage containers for food but let’s be honest… when have you ever seen anyone bring their lunch to work in a Cvault container? We all know what people are putting in their Cvault. But do you know why Cvault’s products are so ideal for use in our community? To get a good idea, we need only look at the 4 most dangerous elements for herb preservation:

  • Oxygen
  • Ultraviolet Light
  • Extreme Temperature
  • Humidity

How Cvault Containers Are Designed for Preservation

So how does Cvault effectively defend against this gruesome… err, foursome? Well, unlike clear glass containers which do nothing to block ultraviolet light, Cvault are cast from stainless-steel that the sunlight can’t infiltrate. It may not seem like it at first glance, but Cvault containers are also airtight beneath their clasping closures. That takes care of the big two. But what about extreme temperatures and humidity? While temperature is pretty easy for you to regulate on your own, humidity can be a bit of a challenge. That’s why it’s common practice to add Boveda humidity packs to the equation. These handy little packs pair nicely with any Cvault product to effectively regulate humidity so it’s never too high or too low.It can be tricky to balance herb so that’s it not moist enough to breed mold but not so dry that it loses its flavor and potency. Fortunately, Boveda humidity packs do all the heavy lifting for you! 

Why We’d Choose Cvault Over Airtight Glass Jars

So, why not simply use airtight glass jars or plastic pop top bottles? It’s hard for us to talk trash about glass jars. There’s just too much nostalgia wrapped up in them. But as we mentioned above, they don’t do anything when it comes to blocking sunlight. That’s why we have to stash them away in cupboards and closets. Even when you buy product from a shop, the jars usually come in box packaging to protect the contents from sunlight. So, while we still have a lot of love for the airtight glass jar, it’s just not ideal for the long term. We can’t say we hold the same love for plastic pill bottles which are really just a step above plastic sandwich bags. This isn’t 1992. We can all do better than plastic. 

If you’re blessed this year with a larger stash than usual, get the most out of it by making sure you have the right storage capabilities. You can’t beat the one-two punch of Cvault and Boveda. With these two covering your stash, the 4 greatest threats to herbal freshness don’t stand a chance. Got questions about the size of Cvault container you need or the Boveda humidity pack  relative humidity percentage that’s right for your situation? Contact us and we’ll help you with the storage setup that works best for your situation!
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