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Nitro Glass Fully Worked Wig Wag Dab Rig and Carb Cap Set

by Nitro
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$ 560.00
$ 392.00
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Enjoy Your Sesh the Nitro Way

Get everything you need to hit your sesh as hard as it hits you back with a Fully Worked Wig Wag Dab Rig and Carb Cap Set from Nitro Glass. Enjoy the reliability of the tried-and-true beaker bong design, serving up heavy hits from its generously sized chamber. Each wax rig is fully saturated with patterns of kaleidoscopic glass in vibrant colors that could only come from the minds at Nitro Glass. 

  • Beaker bong design
  • Fully saturated in worked glass
  • Each dab rig includes a matching carb cap