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Messy Glass Fume Hammer Bubbler

by Messy Glass
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Nailed It

The Messy Glass Fume Hammer Bubbler finds a classic design imbued with a gilded radiance, bringing you sunshine even on the cloudiest of days. Don't forget your shades! The hammer bubbler shape is the perfect canvas for Messy Glass's artistry. If you've never used a hammer bubbler before, get ready to enjoy a stable, supportive design perfect for those less-than-coordinated stoners tired of sweeping up broken glass. A lengthy stem extending from a generous bowl allows for large, juggernaut hits with the basic water chamber taking the edge off. A single marble opposite the carb serves as a cherry on top of this psychedelic sundae. 

  • Gorgeous heavy fuming glass decoration
  • Generous bowl size
  • Discreet water chamber
  • Lengthy handle allows for larger hits