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Blackmarket Glass Gen 2 Blender Tall 10/90

by Black Market Glass
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The idea behind this new variant of Blender is to extend the ideal temperature window by adding more material to the vaporization zone (walls).  It doesn’t replace the original Blender by any means, simply gives options for those bigger dabbers.  If you find your original V1 Blender is sufficiently vaporizing the size of dabs your currently taking, this might be an unnecessary upgrade.  However, if you find that there is a substantial amount of not vaporized material by the time the Blender is cooling, then this Variant 2 is going to greatly improve your experience.


Only available in our most popular height, Tall (2.1in from base to arm connection)

Only available in our 40% increased wall thickness tubing made by Heraus Quartz.  Using a 13.5mm x 19mm tubing this model lands right in between our 16mm & 20mm Variant 1 Blenders.

As always, accompanied by our American made Parbilt Quartz joints.

With a beautiful 12 sided faceted disk, standard!!

New 6 intake design provides a better rotational angle and a stronger bottom weld, with 20% more weld area.


This nail is the first step in asking the question, “What if we welded the cap to the bottom?”

Where we have made a number of strides in cap physics, considering them in reverse is going to lead to some awesome developments. This one is just that; awesome.

The core function of a channel cap lends itself perfectly to the task, albeit a bit more specialized to account for the variation in use.

This nail functions differently than others- somewhere between a regular banger and a slurper, but also neither. With powerful centrifugal action, the walls become a primary work zone. The whole spectrum of accessories comes into play here- spheres add heated mass and lower the work zone. Carb caps have various and surprising effects we are just beginning to map out.