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Apex Ancillary ISO Station

by Apex Ancillary
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Everything you love about the Iso Station XL but half the size! Apex Ancillary presents the Apex Ancillary ISO Station, a practical design that changes the cleaning game of your tools. This functional compact station covers your needs combining all washing stations in one innovative design. Apex Ancillary ISO Station's neat presentation gives room for storage, solution dispenser, soaking station, and tool holder. Our appliance arrives to simplify your sessions and extend the life of your tools with polished functional creations. Apex maximizes the efficiency in every session with functional and minimalistic design/ Our exceptional selection of accessories works precisely by themselves or in junction with other Apex products.
Parts Description:
1. The Podium: Heat resistant holder with a closed bottom to be used as an additional soaking station for pearls, inserts & tools.
2. Easy Pump Stainless steel pump dispenser with rubber gasket seal to ensure no waste
3. Tool Slot: Closed bottom slot sized designed for holding and cleaning standard tools.
4. Swab Vessel: Our most compact ISO Station. High quality alongside the same functionality. Ideal for smaller spaces Swabs, tools, and cleaning solutions are not included.