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Toro Glass

JP Toro, with over 22 years in the glassblowing industry, has established Toro Glass as an internationally recognized brand pivotal in revolutionizing cannabis consumption. Since the early 2000s, enthusiasts have coveted his creations, with the Terp Slurper emerging as a sought-after item. Operating successfully for over 15 years, the family-run Toro Glass, backed by a close-knit team of 12, emphasizes hard work, exceptional service, and adaptability. This commitment ensures they remain ahead of evolving industry trends, transitioning from flowers to hash and titanium to quartz.

Inspired by a passion to craft functional masterpieces, JP Toro is driven by an inherent desire to consistently surpass his own benchmarks. Drawing from eclectic inspirations, including color patterns on vehicles and his stint in comic book design, his innovations, like the unique Terp Slurper, set industry standards. Recently, JP's focus has shifted to Millie work, integrating unique images into his glass art. Influenced by his background in animation, he delves into varied art forms, encompassing everything from glass millefiore to fashion. This diverse exploration showcases a fresh facet of his artistic journey, providing a stabilizing creative outlet in today's unpredictable world.

Toro Glass Circ 18in Straight Tube Red Reversals 18mm Save 30%

Toro Glass Circ 18in Straight Tube Red Reversals 18mm

$ 850.00
$ 595.00