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Smoking Essentials

The Essentials for Any Sesh

Within our smoking essentials collection, you’ll find a variety of items everyone should carry in order to have the best dabbing and smoking experience. Lots of these products are carried by #teamSHO members on a daily basis, as we’re prepared for any unique smoking situation.
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We begin with a mixture of heady bongs, bowls, and pipes including unique themed glass or clear glass pieces. Rig Mats will serve as a decorative coaster for your dab rig or glass piece, similar to coaster for your drinks. If you prefer to smoke joints Dab Nation carries a variety of papers and glass tips with grinders to take care of your material. Obviously we have a huge selection of high end lighters and torches from clipper and bic, necessary in any situation. Dab Nation hosts a selection of storage solutions including concentrate jars, silicone stands, and hard shell cases to store any glass you please. Lastly, cleaning supplies are essential to keeping it all speaky clean. The cleaner all your pieces and storage solutions are, the more organized you’ll be.
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The T Case + 9 The T Case + 9 The T Case + 9 The T Case + 9 The T Case + 9 Sold out

The T Case + 9" Stash Case

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