Resolution was launched in 2015 when a group of students decided to re-define the Colorado culture through lifestyle products. Cannabis culture has made significant strides in the past few years sparking a new style of consumer. Show more

Resolution's products aim to fight a stigma by keeping glass clean and help build a more refined, progressive, cannabis community. At Resolution, we continue to brainstorm and create innovative products that will change how the average "cannaseur" consumes and enjoys.

Resolution hopes to excite a clean lifestyle and connect with different cultures through music, health, and people. We aim to share our enthusiasm with our customer through products that are effective and "stigma-free". Our goal is to create a positive influence in  cannabis consumption and continue to creative products that serve a need in the community.

ResCap is our first and original product that provides a resolve to the way your glass is cleaned, protected, traveled-with and stored. 

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Resolution ResCaps Cleaning CapGreen Resolution ResCaps Cleaning CapBlack Resolution ResCaps Cleaning CapWhite Resolution ResCaps Cleaning CapBlue

Resolution ResCaps Cleaning Cap

$ 12.00
Resolution Cleaning Kit – Res Caps, Bong Cleaner, Swabs & MoreGreen Resolution Cleaning Kit – Res Caps, Bong Cleaner, Swabs & MoreBlack Sold out

Resolution Cleaning Kit – Res Caps, Bong Cleaner, Swabs & More

$ 35.00
Resolution Cleaning Gel 240ML

Resolution Cleaning Gel 240ML

$ 14.00