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Rosin tech and solventless extraction is a new technology that empowers consumers to take control of their own extraction process. Produce the finest solventless extract with no contaminants or chemicals. Dab Nation in partnership with Rosin Tech Products, has solventless extraction equipment for sale that will get any home user pressing in no time.  

Rosin tech is now the preferred method for at-home extraction, and when you consider the importance of knowing where your medicine is coming from it's no surprise. Whether you get your flower from a neighbor who grows or are growing your own, there is a priceless peace of mind that comes with knowing exactly what you are consuming and where it came from, with making your own  oil and using the solventless extraction equipment the best way to ensure exactly that. Additionally, it is also a method used by professional extractors looking to create a concentrate of the highest quality.

The technique is a relatively new way to transform the plant and by utilizing heat and pressure, it is an all natural way for consumers to make their own oil. Simply put, take your flower or hash, put it in a filter bag and in between parchment paper, then apply heat of ~215F and at least 500 PSI of pressure for 60 seconds, and that’s it – you’ve created a completely solventless extract.

Solventless extraction equipment for sale online. Try this new technology that authorizes consumers to have control of their own extraction process.

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Rosin Tech Go™ 2

Rosin Tech Go™ 2

$ 295.00
Rosin Tech Smash™ Rosin Press

Rosin Tech Smash™

$ 545.00
Rosin Tech Twist™, Rosin Press by Rosin Tech Products available on Dab Nation Rosin Tech Twist™, Rosin Press by Rosin Tech Products available on Dab Nation

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Rosin Tech Twist™

from $ 495.00