E-Rig Attachments

Spice Up Your E-Rig and Make It Your Own!

Who says you have to give up the heady life when you enjoy the safety and precision of an e-rig? Dab Nation has you covered with some of the sleekest, sexiest e-rig attachment designs from glass artists at the top of their game pushing the creative limit!
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Set your Focus V CARTA apart from the crowd with a unique glass top or crown your Puffco Peak with a bubble top that’s chic. We have kaleidoscopic colored glass attachments for the Kandypens Oura, psychedelic color-reactive glass… even some shaped to look like Henny bottles. Vape rigs are reliable, but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring. Imbue your smart rig with your unique personality by finding the e-rig attachment that speaks to you!
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iDab Puffco Vape Rig Attachments

from $ 200.00
iDab Puffco Vape Rig Attachment (Line Work, UV, CFL)