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Dabbers - Glass and Titanium

Glass and Titanium Dab Tools

Glass and titanium Dabbers are used to pick up concentrates (#solventless recommended) and put them on your heated nail or banger, essential to the process. Certain tools can feature tips such as spoons, picks, scoops, spatulas and flat heads. #teamSHO has selected a variety of dabbers that include titanium tools or awesome pop culture references. 

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Use your concentrates with confidence, a solid dabber is necessary in any set up. You can't use just any item to put a dab on a super hot nail or banger as your material could get contaminated. 

For the quartz banger crowd, all-in-one carb cap and dab tool is a must. With all the equipment needed for dabbing, bangers, torches, dab tools and carb caps; it can sometimes feel like you need an extra set of arms to dab correctly. That’s why the iDab’s unique two-in-one design is genius. Use one end of the tool to place your concentrate on your hot banger and immediately switch ends to start controlling airflow, all with one hand! Plus, the directional airflow ensures an even and complete vaporization of your concentrate.

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