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Collection Tools

Always Recover 100% of your Concentrates. 

While you can dab without one, a specialist collection tool will make the process of getting your extract onto the hot nail far easier, that's where dab utensils coming in. Use your concentrates with confidence, a solid dabber is necessary in any set up. Show more

You can't use just any item to put a dab on a super hot nail or banger as your material could get contaminated. When things become sticky, you'll want to have these products laying around. Recover your concentrates 100% of the time and prevent your sesh from turning into a clean up job. Rosin and other extracts are sticker than bubble gum for reference, the combined oil & stickiness can become a nightmare to clean up.  

Certain tools can feature tips such as spoons, picks, scoops, spatulas and flat heads. #teamSHO has selected a variety of dabbers that include titanium tools or awesome pop culture references. but you can’t go wrong with our best seller Dank Fung Titanium Tool. Its scoop and hook combination make it a great all-rounder to use with a variety of extract types. Collection tools are a must have accessory for any concentrate connoisseur.  

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