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Carb Caps

Titanium, Glass & Quartz Carb Caps For Dab Connoisseurs 

The small tool that is used to both cover your nail or banger. That controls the air flow through the pipe and also serves to agitate your extract, ensuring a consistent vaporization.

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The Dabber's Secret Weapon

Carb caps are essential to optimizing air flow for the diffusion of rosin or other concentrates. Carb Caps include a hollow cylinder enabling directional air flow. This causes the wax to spreading against the hot surface helping to vape your concentrate completely. Dab Nation offers a variety of banger and carp caps including Dabsavers, Empire Glassworks, Grav, Spacewalk Glass and more.

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JSB - Frit Bubble Cap - #3 Sold out

JSB - Frit Bubble Cap - #3

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