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Bongs, Bubblers & Pipes

Bongs, Bubblers, Water Pipes

Some will prefer the flower, some will prefer the dab. Many started with greens and will always crave the small snap or pack of a bowl. Dab Nation is the right place to buy cool and small glass pipes, heady water pipes, glass bongs and other products online. The process of filtering the smoke through water gives bongs a huge benefit over other ingestion methods.

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Water filtration has a number of benefits as cools the temperature of the smoke to make a hit less harsh. Some of the harmful toxins in plant material are filtered out and left in the water, therefore not going into your lungs. Plus the ease of use with a bong, just set it and light it.

Buy Cool and Small Water Pipes Glass Bongs

Features to be on the look out for include percolators, ice notches and pinches, molded grips, diffusers and recycler. The percolators of glass pieces will be contained within the neck or body of the water pipe with different notches to increase smoothness and adding flavor. A diffuser will many small openings on the downstem of the pipe to increase the surface area of the smoke to increase the filtration of the water and create a cooling effect. Lastly, a recycler will add an additional chamber. Water and smoke are constantly cycled when you pull and the smoke will travel through the water over and over to create super cooling and filtration. 

Dab Nation Water Bongs For Sale

You’ll find a collection of #teamSHO favorites and unique pieces curated from all of the United States. Whether you’re seeking an unbreakable bowl made of silicone, a scientific glass bubbler or a classic wooden or spoon piece, you’ll find your piece here. Even one hitters to slip in and out of your pocket. Buy Water bubbler bong for sale online. It is the ultimate site for variety of pipes which includes bongs and heavy water pipes etc. at nominal prices online.
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Unity Glass Works Flower Bongs Save 30%

Unity Glass Works Flower Bongs

$ 400.00
$ 280.00
iDab Beaker Bong Rig - Full Color (Line Work, UV, CFL) 10mm Save 30%

iDab Beaker Bong Rig - Full Color (Line Work, UV, CFL) 10mm

$ 144.00
$ 100.80
We Out Here Glass Beaker (Green) Sold out

We Out Here Glass Beaker (Green)

$ 140.00
$ 98.00