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Why the Cannabis Community is So Strong and Powerful

The cannabis industry is growing faster than ever. After decades spent in the darkness of the underground market, the community that made legalization possible is finally stepping into the light.

However, it’s been a long road to get where we’re at now. Cannabis legalization didn’t happen overnight, and it didn’t happen by itself either. Behind all of the exciting legislation and new products has been a community of independent minded people fighting for their rights. People who knew what they were doing was right, and were prepared to do it in spite of authority telling them they were wrong, and possibly sending them to jail.

We are a tribe united by our shared love of weed. Whether for its vast medicinal potential, gorgeous flavor and aroma, or simply just for the love of getting high – we have come together, forged connections, and taken on a goliath.

And we’re winning.

This community that has made legalization a reality and is finally getting its time in the limelight. Cultivators can grow, dispensaries can sell, and a whole new world of cannabis products can simply exist legally for first time in a century. But, as we celebrate our achievements, let’s not forget those who sacrificed for them. Because it cost far too many people their money, health, and freedom. So, from Dab Nation to all the activists, growers and educators, anyone who made legal weed their hill to die on, we salute you.

Where we are today with cannabis legalization is great victory, but there’s no time to rest on our laurels. The fight to normalize cannabis use, both medical and recreational is far from over. Until cannabis is federally legal across the whole country and those serving prison sentences for non-violent marijuana crimes are free, our job isn’t done.

We still have large obstacles to overcome, but it doesn’t matter. Because we, the cannabis community and industry, are finally out of the underground, and we’re only getting bigger and stronger each day.

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