Our Latest Drop of Glass Pipes and Dab Rigs Bring the Old School Cool

Dab Nation has primarily built a reputation for “wax-centricity” but we consider ourselves a come-as-you-are sovereign mecca, no matter your medium of elevation. When you walk in our doors, the first question we like to ask you is: “What’s your favorite way to smoke?” This isn’t some kind of elitist gatekeeping interrogation but rather a way for us to help you better find the gear that suits your already established style. So, while we do get excited over a particularly heady rig or the latest in state-of-the-art portable dabbing devices, we also reserve a good chunk of our inventory for those in our community who still firmly believe in the power of flower. Today, we’re going to take a look at some of the hand pipes, water pipes and, yes, even a few rigs that capture that classic old school vibe for when that mood hits. 

Eric Runes Captures the ‘70s Spirit in Extra Thick Glass 

If you’re looking for a piece that has an old school feel but isn’t so heady that it requires you taking out a loan, glass artist Eric Runes hears you. In mid-July, we got in a huge drop of glass from Eric Runes totally brimming with that classic charm. If you’re subscribed to our Dab Nation citizen’s email list, you already got the heads up on these pieces as soon as they hit our shelves. This latest drop includes old school-style push bubbler pipes, the ultra stable hammer bubbler models, and some discreet glass chillums that wouldn’t look out of place on the set of Dazed and Confused. These are also some amply thick glass pieces with real heft to them… you can’t beat a pipe that reminds you that you’re holding it! Based in California, Eric Runes recognizes what nuances recount a time when love was free, Haight was one of the greatest streets in the world and everything in between was painted in carnivalesque tones of summery oranges, zesty greens and mellow yellows. At shockingly low prices, we doubt you’ll be able to find these classic Eric Runes glass pipes on our shelves for long so catch the vibe while you can. 

Phil Siegel Works His Glassblowing Magic

Putting the “dab” in “Abracadabra”, Phil Siegel’s wizard collection rises from the same spirit that connects Tolkien to Zeppelin. The Phil Siegel Wizard Rig perfectly illustrates everything we love about heady glass from its opal “3rd eye” to its ornate glass dabber wand with a matching opal pommel that doubles as a marble cap. But heady glass rigs aren’t the only magic Phil Siegel casts with this enchanting drop. A handful of unique wizard pendants allow you to wear your glass art like a talisman. He’s also brought along some spellbinding marble carb caps and rustic terp crystals to whisper you the secrets of airflow mastery. Some “fog” would really add to the mystery of this arcane collection… we’ll let you figure out how to best make that happen with some wizardry of your own. 

The Kaleidoscopic Wonderland of Cadoo

It’s hard to think back to the imagery of the late ‘60s and early ‘70s flower power heyday without fields of mushrooms sprouting across our dreamscapes. Cadoo Glass gets that. There’s more than one fungus among us as Cadoo serve up mushy-mobbed carb caps and heady glass hand pipes. But if toadstools aren’t your thing, maybe you’d prefer a toad? The Cadoo Karma Toad Dry Pipe is easily one of the headiest hand pipes you’ll find with its bulbous eyes and tendril-like tongue reaching for some herbal refreshment. Cadoo even gave us the lily pad-packed “Frog Lock” Heady Glass Sherlock for those more pensive trips to Wonderland. But you don’t need to eat magic cookies or sip special tea to follow these pieces down the rabbit hole. Just hop on over to the Dab Nation shop or order online and we’ll deliver Cadoo’s creations to your door.  

So, if you’re looking for a fast ticket back to a time when tie-dye and bell bottoms weren’t a costume, consider our psychedelic glass collection your personal time machine. While the Eric Runes, Phil Siegel and Cadoo Glass pieces we explored above are some of the most obvious choices for that late ‘60s/early ‘70s aesthetic, they’re only the beginning of what Dab Nation has to offer. Water pipes and dab rigs from Akillart, Glass Wizard, Camper Glass and Flash Glass present different takes on that sunny ‘70s spirit. Who says the time machine hasn’t been invented? 

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