How You Can Help the Honey Bees with Dip Devices

You may be unaware that on the 3rd Saturday of every August, the world is meant to take a moment to appreciate some of the hardest workers our planet has ever seen. No, we’re not talking about Instagram influencers. We’re talking about the honey bees; those busily buzzing beauties that do a lot more than make honey… and that’s saying a lot because honey is incredible. Unfortunately, honey bees haven’t had the easiest time of it lately, prompting people with big hearts to get the word out about honey bee conservation efforts. Among those voices are a company who have become a favorite here at Dab Nation: Dip Devices. So, what’s the connection between a portable dabbing company and the preservation of honey bees? Here’s the buzz. 

What’s the Point of World Honey Bee Day? 

Getting its start as National Honey Bee Day in 2009, World Honey Bee Day has put a much-needed spotlight on what we can do as a community to protect our vital global honey bee population which has been pummeled over the decades by pesticides, disease and the destruction of the bees’ natural habitat. The honey bees, no doubt too focused on their task to protest, share the day’s glory with beekeepers and honey aficionados alike, so it’s not a grim slog to building awareness of their plight. Honey bees are particularly crucial to the agricultural health of the planet which makes up a large facet of the industry and community close to Dab Nation’s heart. Appropriately, many of the suggested methods of observing World Honey Bee Day involve directly bolstering the agricultural environment. Examples include planting wildflower seeds and supporting beekeepers with purchases of raw, eco-conscious honey. But there’s another way you can show your support for the honey bees while enjoying a discreet and convenient means of portable dabbing. 

The Little Dipper Honey Straw

Earlier this year, Dip Devices released their much-anticipated Little Dipper… an even more compact, more affordable answer to their celebrated Dipper models. Taking inspiration from the OG nectar collector, the Little Dipper presented a pocket-sized dab straw for the modest price of a meal at a decent restaurant. Seriously, there are disposable models priced higher than this diminutive dab straw! The Little Dipper allows you to enjoy wax from out of its container in a gesture not unlike a honey bee pollinating a blossoming flower. We admit, if this were the only connection we were trying to make between the Little Dipper and the challenges facing the honey bee population, it would be a stretch. But an altruistic showing from Dip Devices gives a lot more relevance. 

How the Yellow Little Dipper Supports Honey Bee Conservation

The Little Dipper comes in 3 different colors with 1% of the proceeds from the sales of each distinct color going to an accommodating charity. The black model’s proceeds go to fighting racial injustice via the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, the blue model’s go to marine conservation and… want to take a guess where proceeds from the yellow model go? That’s right… to conserving the bees via Operation Honey Bee. Sure, 1% of an already very affordable product isn’t going to solve the crisis facing honey bees, but you can always donate more to the cause independently while enjoying your new yellow Little Dipper.  

We hope you take some time on Saturday, August 21st to pay tribute to the tiny behind-the-scenes crew that sweetens our world so tirelessly while asking for so little in return. The least we can do is provide them with a sustainable environment so they can continue their mission. World Honey Bee Day gives us an opportunity to acknowledge the aerial agriculturists’ often thankless service to the planet while having some fun doing it. So, grab your yellow Little Dipper, a jar of organic honey and make a donation from a place of deep gratitude to keep our friends buzzing along.

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