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How to Choose a Portable Vaporizer, Dab Pen and more.

How to Choose a Portable Vaporizer

In our opinion here at Dan Nation, vaping weed is one of the best inventions to come out of the last few years. It’s the smoothest, most discreet, and healthiest way to inhale cannabis that ever existed. But when you’re ready to buy a vaporizer, all the choices can be a little daunting. That’s why we created the definitive guide to choosing a vaporizer, to help you pick the one that will meet all of your needs.

Portable Vaporizers vs Desktop Vaporizers

The first thing you have to ask yourself is: do you want to take this vape on-the-go to use around town or do you want something to leave at home? If you’re looking for a desktop vaporizer, like the Volcano <link>, or a dab rig, those are great choices! Check back to the blog shortly for our guide on how to choose the perfect dab rig, or click here to view some of our favorites <link to dab nation rig page>. But if you’re looking for a portable vape, continue reading…

Choosing Your Starting Material: Cannabis Concentrates, Cartridges, or Flower?

If you’re looking for a portable vaporizer, you’ll notice there’s still a ton of choices. That’s when you have to decide what kind of cannabis material you want to vape. Are you looking to vape concentrates on the go, like rosin, wax, or shatter? Or are you looking for a vape to use with disposable 510 threaded hash oil cartridges? Or perhaps you’re a big fan of flower, and want something to vape it on-the-go? There’s something for everyone, and even some vaporizers that can function with more than one starting material.

Concentrates: Choosing the Best Dab Pen

If you’re looking for a portable vaporizer that can handle cannabis concentrates, like rosin, wax, or shatter, you’re looking for a dab pen.

Dipstick Vapes: Dipper Multi-Function Dab Pen and Straw Vaporizer for Wax Concentrates

The Dipper from Dipstick Vapesis a great first dab pen because you don’t need any other tools to handle or hit a dab. Dabs are sticky, and if you don’t have the proper equipment like a packing tool, they’re almost impossible to handle. But the Dipper has a unique “Vapor Tip Atomizer,” which is basically a straw you dip into your concentrate and then it’s ready to smoke. It’s super sleek, durable and discreet, so you can dab any concentrate quickly and easily virtually anywhere.

The Kind Pen “Dream” Vaporizer Kit

The Kind Pen “Dream” kitwould also be a great first dab pen because it comes with all the tools you need to dab well. Recommended by High Times Magazine in 2016, this portable dab pen has three temperature settings as well as adjustable airflow. Plus, it comes with a packing tool and extra mouthpiece. You can load any type of cannabis concentrate into the ceramic dish, and it even has a splatter guard to avoid mess.

510 Threaded Vape Oil Cartridges

Known as concentrate cartridges, hash oil cartridges, or disposable cartridges, they are quickly becoming the most popular and convenient way to vape. Sold in almost all legal dispensaries and even available on the black market, these 510 threaded cartridges are often filled with either CO2 oil or cannabis distillate. They’re the easiest way to vape because all you have to do is screw the cartridge into 510 threaded battery or vape pen, and you’re ready to go – avoiding all the potential mess that comes with handling cannabis concentrates.  

Dank Fung CONNOISSEUR Vaporizer Pen

The Dank Fung Connoisseur vape penis one of our best sellers for a few reasons. For one, this vaporizer has self-regulating temperature technology, so you don’t have to worry about picking the best temperature and burning your concentrates, it chooses for you. Plus, that same tech gives your hash oil cart the best flavor and even conserves extract. While this pen comes with a 510 thread to use with disposable cartridges, it isn’t limited to cart use only. It also has a ceramic bowl that you can use to vape any kind of concentrate. In fact, it works especially well with our favorite type of extract, rosin.

The Kind Pen Slim Oil Vape Pen

If you’re looking for a basic 510 battery that you can take anywhere and use simply, you’re looking for the Kind Pen Slim oil vape pen. This little vape pen with a 510 thread comes with a pre-set temperature, so you don’t have to do anything, just turn it on and hit it. Plus, it comes with a wickless tank that you can fill with any vape oil, so you’re not limited to disposable cartridges.

Flower Only Vaporizer: The Kind Pen Herbal TruVa Mini Vaporizer

If you’re only looking to vape flower on the go, look no further than the Kind Pen Herbal TruVa Mini Vaporizer. This portable vape has a temperature range of 350 to 435 degrees Fahrenheit that you can adjust, and it will even remember your last temperature setting. But best of all, if you’re not sure which temperature to use, the Herbal TruVa will use “True Convection Technology™” to heat up your flower to its ideal temp all on its own.

Dual Use Vaporizers

If you’re looking for a portable vaporizer that can handle a variety of cannabis material, you’re looking for a dual use vaporizer.

PAX 3 Complete Kit

The PAX vaporizer, often known as the “Apple of Vaporizers” is the most mainstream vape out there for good reason. Whether you’re hitting concentrates or flower, enthusiasts swear by the PAX for its consistently smooth hits. Unlike some 510 vape cartridges which can get clogged or be hard to hit, the PAX never fails to deliver. This is in part due to its innovative heating system, with different mode options like “stealth” or “flavor.” It’s also due to their exclusive PAX Era Pods. While the PAX 3 Complete Kitcomes with a concentrate insert, it doesn’t work with 510 threaded vape cartridges, only PAX Era Pods. That ensures every concentrate cartridge hits smoothly and is only of the highest quality cannabis oil.

Tri-Use Vaporizer: The Kind Pen Herbal Vaporizer v2 Kit

If you can’t or don’t want to choose between concentrates, flower and disposable cartridges, you don’t have to. The Kind Pen Herbal Vaporizer v2 Kitis a portable vaporizer that comes with interchangeable adapters to make it compatible with all three. Plus, this vape also comes with a packing tool and silicon store jar for concentrates, so you’ll have everything you need – minus the cannabis!

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