How Terp Slurper Sets Use Teamwork to Heighten Your Experience

We haven’t lived this lifestyle so long that we’ve forgotten how overwhelming piecing together your first setup can be. When we get people visiting our shops completely green to the rituals of dabbing, we like to learn about their preferences to help them with a rig setup tailor-made to their tastes. But since you won’t find a Dab Nation on every street corner, this often isn’t an option. For those beginning dab enthusiasts, that first purchase can feel a bit like baptism by dab torch. But we’ve started to assemble dab kits to help relieve that feeling of information inundation for those of you who can’t just swing by one of our shops to get that custom treatment. While our Terp Slurper Sets won’t take away your need to choose a dab rig, torch, dab tool, mat, or terp slurper banger, they will completely set you up with a comprehensive kit of tiny accessories that will make your dabbing ritual a more flavorful and efficient experience. 


What to Expect from a Slurper Set

Our Terp Slurper Sets will always include (1.) a marble carb cap, (2.) a valve pearl, and (3.) a terp pill or terp pearl. Some sets will even include 4 pieces, giving you both a terp pill and a terp pearl. When combined with a banger specifically of the terp slurper variety, these Terp Slurper Sets will create a team effort with unparalleled airflow control and dab-devouring washes of even heat distribution. There’s no MVP here; each part has its unique responsibility that goes equal measures toward the goal of a thorough, flavorful experience. 

Restricting with a Marble Carb Cap

The largest piece of any Terp Slurper Set is the marble carb cap. As the name would suggest, this carb cap is a marble that’s sized to fit perfectly over the bucket of a terp slurper. Unlike most carb cap designs, the marble has no carb hole. Its purpose is to completely restrict airflow from the top of the bucket. If you’ve never seen a terp slurper before, you might be a bit confused as to how a marble with no carb hole could allow any sort of airflow at all. But since the terp slurper design pulls in air through vents cut into the bottom of the terp slurper, you’re still pulling in air. The restriction of airflow offered by a marble carb cap lends to premium airflow control. But this is just one piece of the terp slurping machine.

Regulating with a Valve Pearl

The next piece included in our Terp Slurper Sets is a smaller marble that we often refer to as “the valve pearl” or simply “the valve.” This piece is small enough to pass through the top tier of the terp slurper bucket but becomes trapped at the second tier, creating a loose plug over the airflow passage that further restricts the airflow, though not as aggressively as the marble carb cap. The valve can also help to prevent splashback and reduce messes, not to mention block terp pearls from being sucked up into the pathway of your dab rig which can be a nightmare depending on your piece’s complexity.


Distributing with the Terp Pearls and Pills

Finally, we come to the terp pearl and/or terp pill. We’ve recently shared an entire blog devoted to the benefits and mechanics of terp pearls but to summarize, the airflow rising up from the bottom of your terp slurper will work with the restricted airflow facilitated by the marble carb cap and valve to set the pearls into an agitated spinning motion. This evenly distributes the wax, preventing pooling and uniformly bringing it into contact with the heated surface area, allowing for the most efficient, thorough means of consumption. Terp pills (sometimes referred to as “pillars”) function in a similar way. Because of the size of the pill, it tends to retain more heat than your average terp pearl whereas the pearls move more quickly, distributing the wax more effectively. However, these differences are so minor as to almost be negligible. Both pearls and pills do a more-than-adequate job of distributing wax and retaining heat.   

How Terp Slurper Designs Work

The terp slurper bangers required for using Terp Slurper Sets are not included as part of the set. Rather, the Terp Slurper Sets are meant to provide a simple, comprehensive collection of supporting accessories that allow you to get the optimum benefit from using a terp slurper. Unlike the standard quartz banger, a terp slurper features a dish at the bottom of the bucket. The wax is loaded directly into the heated dish. As it melts, it’s siphoned up into the central column like a straw where the terp pearls and/or pills, valve, and marble cap work together to churn out full-flavored hits through their seamless balance of airflow control, heat retention, distribution, and resistance. 

Whether you’re partial to larger globs of golden wax or you’re trying to hone your low-temperature dabbing process, a terp slurper can make all the difference. But a terp slurper banger alone won’t do the trick. We offer a variety of Terp Slurper Sets to provide a comprehensive support system for terp slurper-style bangers, allowing you everything you need to get the most from your wax with little to no waste. 

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