Dab Nation Myth Busters:Does Hotter Mean Higher? Taking an In-Depth Look at the Best Dabbing Temperatures

Recently, there has been a shift in dabbing culture towards using lower temperatures. This not only enhances the flavor of the experiences, but it is also considered safer. However, there are still many concentrate enthusiasts who prefer dabbing at higher temps. According to these folk, the more intense hit of high temperature dabbing gets you higher.   

But is there any truth to this? Does hotter mean higher? Let’s investigate.

Best Dabbing Temperature Range

When it comes to dabbing, there’s no arbitrary perfect temperature to aim for every time. Because dabbing at different temps has a knock-on effect for both the flavor of the hit and the experience it produces. That means that optimal dabbing temps, run on a scale from low to high.

Thanks to our deepening understanding of the active ingredients within cannabis, the optimal dabbing temperature range has been established as between 300 and 450F. The reason for this is all down to boiling points.

Each individual cannabinoid and terpene found in cannabis has its own particular boiling point. This is of importance to dabbing due to the vaporization method it relies on, because the boiling point is the temperature at which something changes from liquid to vapor. THC boils at 315F while CBD, the other principle cannabinoid found in cannabis, vaporizes between 320 and 356F.

Beyond cannabinoids, the aromatic compounds known as terpenes also have their own boiling points, and the temperature at which most cannabis terpenes vaporize lies between 330 and 390F. That’s how we arrived at the 300 to 450F window for dabbing; because the boiling points of most cannabinoids and terpenes lie between these temperatures.

Low Temp Dab Temperature vs High Temp Dabs: The Trade Off

Dabbing at the lower end of the range tends to produce a smoother, more flavorful hit. Whereas higher temps seem to produce a harsher but more intense experience. Which one gets you higher however, is a matter for debate.

The difference appears to be that the high from lower temps comes on slower, lasts longer, and tends to be a little mellower. Higher temp highs on the other hand seem to take effect quicker, produce a moderately more intense high but wears off in less time. The big trade off comes in terms of taste; at higher temps you’re actually starting to destroy much of the flavor producing compounds.

You can look at the temperature scale like this: lower is smother and more flavorful, and higher is more intense and focused but at the expense of taste.

Anything above 450F can be truly considered a high temp dab. We don’t recommend going higher than that because you’ll begin to inhale the the harmful gasses produced by combustion, which start to occur at these temperatures. Plus, the hit starts to become incredibly harsh and eventually it’ll garner a burnt taste.

Temperature Tech Devices

Ultimately, this is why we always recommend the use of a temperature gauge to determine the temperature of the surface area you plan to dab on. Temp tech devices come in a few variety's but we recommend The Terpometer for its ease of use, portability, and multi use feature doubling as a dab tool. 

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