How to Avoid a Chazzed Banger

If you dab with a dab rig and banger setup then you’ve almost certainly run into a phenomenon known as chazzing. A chazzed banger will significantly degrade your dabbing experience, so, here we’ll take a look at how to avoid the problem, and also how to salvage a chazzed banger.

Chazzed Quartz: What is a Chazzed Banger?

A chazzed banger is signified by a dark discoloration that occurs from carbon buildup. Often the result of repeated high temp dabs and a lack of cleaning. More than just looking horrible, chazzing will significantly degrade the flavor and smoothness of subsequent dabs, and can permanently damage your banger in the long run. It’s therefore critical to get a handle on the situation if you want to continue to get the best performance and longevity out of your quartz glass.

This shows the difference between a chazzed quartz banger and a freshly cleaned banner.

How to Clean a Chazzed Banger

While prevention is of course better than cure, first we’ll take a look at salvaging a chazzed banger by cleaning it. First, completely submerge your banger in an isopropyl alcohol bath for at least 24hrs. Clean off as much debris as possible and then allow it to dry. Now use a torch to heat up your banger and any remaining debris should flake up and be easier to remove. You can repeat the process a number of times if your banger is in a particularly bad state, and it should significantly improve the situation, however, there’s only so much you can do with cleaning.

How to Prevent Chazzing

The best course of action is to prevent chazzing from happening in the first place. So, let’s take a look at what you can do to avoid the problem altogether. Use Lower Temps Often chazzing is produced by using too high temps when dabbing. This will cause combustion to occur and produce an abundance of carbon which will immediately sully your banger. If chazzing occurs instantly while dabbing then you’re likely using way too high a temperature before dropping a dab. The simple solution to this is to use lower temps to ensure correct and full vaporization without combustion and upgrading to an E-nail will really help out in this regard.

Cold Start Dabbing

Cold start dabbing is another great way to avoid chazzing by making sure your banger never gets too hot in the first place. Cold starting, sometimes called a reverse dab is when you drop concentrate into a cold banger and then heat them up together. This prevents overheating and results in perfect low temp dabs, and will help to reduce the chances of chazzing occurring.

Clean Your Banger After Every Use

If your temps are under control then the next biggest cause of chazzing comes from dabbing a dirty banger. No matter how fully a dab vaporizes there will always be some residue left over, and cleaning this out before hitting another dab is the best way to avoid chazzing in the first place. While your banger is still warm use Dab Swabs to thoroughly clean out any residue left behind after a dab.

Additionally, once you’ve finished a sesh try to get in the habit of giving your banger an alcohol bath soak before using it again. Hopefully, with this advice you can keep your bangers in the best condition for as long as possible, and make sure chazzing doesn’t ruin your dabbing experience or your quartz glassware.

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