How Much Can You Harvest From One Plant?

With home growing being legalized across the country, many green fingered enthusiasts have begun to grow their own stash. However, with the number of plants one can grow being limited to as few as 4 or less, getting the most out of your limited quota becomes all the more important. So, what’s the maximum amount of bud you can harvest from a single plant? Let’s explore the major factors that impact yield.


Plant genetics are one of the most critical areas when it comes to maximizing yields. Modern cultivation has resulted in some incredibly well bred genetics available from seed banks. These have been developed over decades of cross breeding to create high yielding plants, so, always ensure you pick up the highest quality seeds available in order to get the most out of your grow.


Once you have some stellar seeds to grow from, then next up is the matter of mastering cultivation. Yields will plummet if a plant is grown poorly, so the aim is to grow the healthiest plants possible, free of nutrient deficiencies and infestations from pests. This is a skill that will take time to learn and master, and you’ll likely need to attempt a number of crops before you become proficient at cultivating healthy plants.



Another simple but important consideration is the amount of space available to you to grow your plants. With ample space, plants can grow very large. If the it's healthy and cultivated well, then typically the bigger it is the more flower it will produce. In the home however, you’ll likely be limited in the amount of space you have available, so try to give them as much space to grow as possible.


Without sufficient light your plants will not achieve their full potential. Maximizing light levels is critical for all stages of the plant's life cycle, and typically speaking, the more light you can provide to your plants the bigger and faster they will grow.

Maximum Yield

As you can see, there are a lot of aspects that can impact yield. Therefore it’s nearly impossible to predict the maximum you can expect to extract from a single plant. However, if your grow goes perfectly you could potentially harvest as much as 8 ounces of dry bud. It is of course possible for expert growers to yield more than this, but realistically you should expect between 4 and 8 oz from each plant if cultivated correctly. So to recap, make sure you select the finest genetics possible, learn to master cultivation, and provide as much space and light as humanly possible in order to maximize your yields.

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