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Z+ Banger 10mm 90° Male 30mm Quartz Dab Banger

by Z Bangers
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$ 150.00
$ 127.50

Enjoy a Quartz Banger with a Tighter Seal

The Z+ Banger takes everything you love about the original quartz banger and adds a deeper bucket and a beveled edge. The beveled edge allows for a tighter, more secure seal while the deeper bucket gives you more room to play without risking splash back. No more wax bubbling into the downstem! This quartz banger is created in the U.S.A. with a focus on heat retention, allowing you to get the most from your dabs and giving you plenty of time to wipe it down while it’s still warm. Terp flavors truly pop when you’ve got a Z banger attached to your favorite wax rig. Whether you’re into hot dabbing, cool dabbing, or anywhere in-between, this dab banger has you covered.

  • Design contributes to better airflow control
  • Quartz material for improved flavor
  • Beveled edge allows for a tighter seal
  • Deeper dish gives you more room to play
  • Made in the U.S.A.