XVape Vixen Wax Pen Lipstick-Shaped Portable Vaporizer

by Xvape
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$ 79.00

Kiss and Vape Up

While it may look like a simple tube of lipstick, the XVape Vixen Wax Pen is actually the height of vaping secrecy; hiding in plain sight. This simple, straightforward portable vaporizer features a coil tucked behind a lipstick-shaped mouthpiece, allowing for easy refilling of your favorite waxes or other concentrates. You can activate this vape pen with 5 easy pushes to the power button, safeguarding against accidental pocket or purse activation. It even features 3 easy heat modes so you can enjoy your concentrates the way you want. While vape pens always try to offer privacy, none go to the lengths of secrecy like the XVape Vixen Wax Pen.

  • Looks like a tube of lipstick for maximum privacy
  • Lipstick-shaped mouthpiece removes for easy loading of waxes and other concentrates
  • Powers on with 5 simple taps to the power button
  • Three heating modes