Xvape Vista

by Xvape
$ 179.00

This is another unique device from XVAPE. The coil is an all-quartz encased coil where the metal is actually underneath the quartz. This allows for a really clean hit with a lot of flavor. It is essentially an electric quartz banger. It functions both as a rig on its own or as an E-nail with any 14/18mm water pipe. The Vista can also be used as the E-nail with the bubbler attachment, allowing for two people to vape simultaneously.

Frequency of cleaning depends on usage. For heavy users, clean once a week. To clean the Vista, simply hold the device upside down and dry fire the unit a few times allowing all the reclaim to drip out. Do not poke around the coil with anything whatsoever and avoid using cleaning solutions or rubbing alcohol for cleaning as this could easily damage the coil.
E Nail / E-rig 2-in-1
Fits any 14mm or 18mm male or female water pipe
Bubbler attachment and base included to set up as rig
Short glass provided to use as nail
All quartz-encased coil – no direct contact with metal
Four temperature settings with 100-degree difference
Heats up within 3-5 seconds

Fit glass pipes(14/18mm)
4 temperatues
Quartz heating(no wire touch)/ceramic heating
2900mah battery
USB charging