Xvape V One Plus

by Xvape
$ 49.00
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This device features a ceramic heating dish which provides very smooth, flavorful hits. The vaporization is a little slower than most but it creates a more even vapor to retain those terpenes. It also includes a discreet concentrate storage cup for easy access on the go. The metal mouthpiece can be used for more durability and the bubbler attachment can be used for more filtration.
Frequency of cleaning depends on usage. For heavy users, clean once a week. To clean the V-ONE+, simply hold the device upside down and dry fire the unit a few times allowing all the reclaim to drip out. Do not poke around the coil with anything whatsoever and avoid using cleaning solutions or rubbing alcohol for cleaning as this could easily damage the coil.
Ceramic heating chamber
Bottom concentrate stash pocket
Splashguard mouthpiece
Medium size/very portable
Optional metal mouthpiece and/or bubbler attachment

Ceramic donut
1500mah battery
Glass mouthpiece(upgraded)
Power: 20W
Wax Jar
1* XMAX V-ONE+ pen