Scent Bomb 420 Odor Eliminator Spray Bottles

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Scent Bomb air freshener and 420 odor eliminator spray bottles are made using 100% pure fragrance oil.  This makes for the longest lasting air freshener on the market. The soothing Scent Bomb effects last 300% longer than department store sprays to keep an entire area smelling great all day long. 

Scent Bomb products are so easy to use: 

Do NOT spray directly into the air.   Spray a small amount of Scent Bomb onto a cotton ball or piece of paper, and place discreetly where needed out of the reach of children or pets.  Scent Bomb also works great when sprayed into a trash can or under the seat of your car.

Scent Bomb odor eliminator spray bottles do not contain any additives, enhancers, or alcohol that can cause irritation.  They keep it pure and simple.  For a discreet way to eliminate an unwanted odor in just five seconds all you need is one quick spritz of ScentBomb. Once you try a bottle you will see why our customers keep coming back for more!

Scent Bomb air freshener and odor eliminator is proudly handcrafted in Orange County, California and Miami, Florida.

Choose from five of their most popular scents:


Item description: 1 Bottle of Scent Bomb brand oil-based air freshener 
Quantity: 1 
Weight: 3.3 oz 
Height: 4 3/16 inches 
Diameter: 1.25 inches
Contains: 1 fl. Oz/30ml
Contents: 100% fragrance oil 
Packaging Material: Glass bottle with plastic spray nozzle and cap.