Whitney Harmon Thermochromic Dab Bucket – 10mm Male

by Whitney Harmon
$ 250.00
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The Cheat Sheet for Heating Your Bucket

Improve your dabbing safety while making sure your concentrates are effectively heated with a Thermochromic Dab Bucket from Whitney Harmon. The buckets change color in reaction to heat, making these the perfect dab accessories for those of us that sometimes lose track of our heat. Heat the dab bucket until it reaches a red color, then allow it to fade down to the shade of orange you equate with the perfect temperature. A “perfect temp dab gauge” card is included to help you get started. With Whitney Harmon’s thermochromic dab buckets, you’ll never waste wax on heating too much or too little.

  • Includes operation card w/ “perfect temp dab gauge”
  • Color changes to indicate heat level
  • Choose 90° or 45° models
  • 10mm joint size
  • Made in the U.S.A.