Uncle Dad Wig Wag and Opal Implosion Dab Kit w/ISO Jar, Bubble Cap & More - 10mm

by Uncle Dad Glass
$ 600.00

Uncle Dad Knows Best

Everything you need for a successful sesh is presented in style with the Uncle Dad Wig Wag and Opal Implosion Dab Kit. The centerpiece of this set is a light blue wax rig with generous bands of black-and-white wig wag designs and an implosion glass knocker. The dab rig is supported by a matching bubble cap with its own glass stand and a crafted matching iso jar to help you keep things clean. Want to switch things up with some on-the-go smoking? The matching glass chillum with genuine opal knocker can accommodate. Uncle Dad really has thought of everything!

  • Black-and-white wig wag designs
  • Implosion glass knocker effects on dab rig
  • Genuine opal knocker on chillum pipe
  • 10mm joint size
  • 45° neck angle


  • Dab Rig
  • Iso Jar
  • Bubble Cap
  • Carb Cap Stand
  • Chillum