Unassimilated Ill-Uminati Weave Hammer Bubbler Hand Pipe

by Unassimilated
$ 350.00

You Know Those Illuminati Seshes Are Wild

The Ill-Uminati Weave Pipe from Unassimilated takes the sturdy and reliable hammer bubbler design and enhances it with mesmerizing waves of color. The contours of the stem contribute to a steady, trustworthy grip. This hand pipe uses genuine Ill-Uminati glass coloring to achieve its intensely vibrant look. Developed by Northstar Glassworks, Ill-Uminati coloring produces UV reactive effects that look gorgeous in sunlight but grow even brighter under UV light. Celebrated as the brightest UV color on the market, this hammer bubbler presents genuine Ill-Uminati coloring in visually mindblowing ways.

  • Contoured for a secure grip
  • Genuine Ill-Uminati coloring
  • Mesmerizing color patterns
  • Steady hammer bubbler design