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The Puck Dabber & Carb Cap Combo Tool by Mystic Timber - Flat Shovel

by Mystic Timber
$ 60.00

Everything You Want from a Dabber in One Handy Tool

Anything you could possibly want in a dab tool made its way into the construction of the simple lifesaver known as the Puck Dabber & Carb Cap Combo Tool. Fashioned to the other end of a shovel-headed dab tool, a T2 titanium carb cap disc ensures you’re getting the most out of your waxes, shatters and other concentrates. This carb cap disc features a 45° angled vent that lends itself to premium vaporization. If you’re using a banger, bucket or trough, the flat side of the disc is your best bet. But if you’re using a nail, the domed carb cap side is the way to go. The carb cap can accommodate nails up to 22mm in diameter. The handle of this combo dabber is handcrafted from sustainable tropical and North American hardwoods, then beveled and buffed with a proprietary, non-toxic wax using eco-friendly methods. Made right here in the U.S.A., each tool is unique. And with a carb cap and dabber combined into one tool, it’s never been easier to get the most from your wax.

  • Mounted T2 titanium carb disc with a 45° angled vent for smooth, vortextual vaporization
  • Dab tool handle handcrafted from sustainable tropical and North American hardwoods
  • 2” hardwood handle