Stink Sack XX-Small Smell Proof Bags MasterKush Design (10 Pack)

by Stink Sack
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Stink Sack reusable odor proof bags are the perfect answer for sealing and storing your smelliest items: dirty diapers, pet food and waste, bait, fish, tobacco and cigars, gym clothing, dirty laundry, swimsuits, sports equipment, hunting and camping gear, toiletries and perfume, aromatic herbs and spices, snacks, and medicine ... and more! These smell proof bags are offered in many sizes to fit any need, including a special TSA-approved quart size for travelers, and can be purchased in both clear and black in case you'd rather not see what you put inside.


XX-Small: (3.37" x 2.13")

X-Small: (4" x 3")

Small: (4" x 6")

Quart: (7" x 7.5")

One Gallon: (10.5" x 10.75" x 6")

Two Gallon: (12" x 16" x 6")