NoGoo Square Non-Stick Silicone Oven Tray - White

by NoGoo
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A Silicone Dab Tray with Some Backbone

NoGoo's Non-Stick Silicone Oven Tray adds further reinforcement to the design of their dab trays. The base of this dab mat contains a metal sheet that adds a rigidness that really lets you get in there with your dab tool without fear of puncturing a hole through the mat. The raised lip that surrounds this dab tray keeps your tools and spilled wax in a collected, controlled area. Crafted from non-stick silicone and featuring rounded angles, harvesting any spilled wax has never been simpler. 

  • Metal-reinforced non-stick silicone base
  • Rounded angles for easier collection
  • Made in the U.S.A.