Spectator Glass Ill-Uminati Spinner Carb Caps

by Spectator Glass
$ 90.00
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Welcome to the Ill-Uminati

Spectator Ill-Uminati Spinner Caps let you control airflow in style so you can enjoy dabs the way you like them while looking downright fashionable. While these carb caps allow you to choose the color that best suits your style, all of them incorporate genuine Ill-Uminati coloring. Developed by Northstar Glassworks, Ill-Uminati coloring produces UV reactive effects that look gorgeous in sunlight but grow even brighter under UV light. Celebrated as the brightest UV color on the market, genuine Ill-Uminati coloring is all over these carb caps in visually mindblowing ways.

  • Spinner-style carb cap for airflow control and ease of use
  • Genuine Ill-Uminati coloring incorporated into each carb cap