Solid Stone Pipe, Speckled Marble

by Be Lit Brand
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$ 49.95

This high-class Speckled Marble Pipe by Be Lit offers a wholly unique and beautifully multi-tonal contrasting design on each and every piece for a variety that only nature herself could conjure

These genuine marble pipes from Be Lit are an excellent way to be one with nature while recharging your soul during your herb smoking experience

Tap into your inner strength with spiritual smoking gear from Be Lit Brand

  • Made from real, genuine marble
  • ~4" long
  • Metal bowl/screen is easily removable for cleaning or replacement

A natural blend of form and function is the best way to describe the selection of pipes here at Be Lit Brand. herb remains our most natural healing medicine and what better way to honor that than with a solid crystal, stone, marble, or wood pipe. Getting baked while balancing your chakra, now that's Lit!