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Sleeps Glass Accented Banger Hanger Rig Purple Satin in Ambrosia 10 mm 90 degree

by Sleeps Glass
$ 600.00
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Dab rigs, particularly those of the Banger Hanger variety, are rapidly carving a niche in the world of glass. As the "Banger" style domeless quartz nail gains traction, innovative glassblowers and artists are stepping up to craft rigs tailored to these nails. At dabnation.com, we're in awe of the Banger Hanger Rigs that sport female joints set at a precise 90° angle. This design not only enhances the functionality of the “Banger” style quartz nail but also elevates its aesthetic allure. Some visionary glass artists are taking it a notch higher by producing Banger Hanger Rigs with impeccably hand-blown and intricately worked joints for those seeking custom designs. Imagine pairing a Banger Hanger with a pristine domeless quartz terp slurper or banger – the result is an epitome of elegance in functional glass. Moreover, the flat female joint of this dab rig style is a perfect candidate for adding a glass drop down adapter, should you fancy using an e-nail.